Oakland-born actor and host Shemar Moore got his start on the CBS soap opera Young and the Restless. His looks and charm stunned fans, eventually leading Moore to pursue opportunities elsewhere. His appearances became a staple in Black romance films like The Brothers and Diary of a Mad Black Woman. After these roles, he took on the trope of a handsome savior best captured by his role in Criminal Minds. While these features have sealed his place in film and TV history, it’s his off-screen life that has long-stirred curiosity. Here’s what we know about Shemar Moore’s wife. 

Shemar Moore Has A Quiet Dating History

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It’s been reported that the Soul Train host and dancer has dated around while details of those accounts are minimal. During his upward climb in Hollywood, it was rumored that he dated Toni Braxton and split for a number of reasons, one of them being that she wouldn’t sing for him. He also dated Halle Berry and found that they had a lot in common, helping to fan the flame of a momentary love. Moore thanks her for the experience, saying it helped him mature and figure out what he wants in a partner. Last but not least, among his exes are soccer player Shawna Gordon and Quantico actress Anabelle Acosta. None of which lasted beyond a few months. 

He Has A List

While many fans have wondered who was keeping Moore warm away from set, he’s always kept a low profile about his love life. He was, however, seen celebrating another year around the sun in his birthday suit on an alleged gay beach. Moore denied this claim and all others that have surfaced as a result of his bachelorhood. It was only after his appearance on the Hall show that we had a clear idea of what he’s looking for. Shemar said he’s looking for eyes, mouth, junk in the trunk and someone with sense. Now in a relationship and a new father, the film industry veteran appears to have found someone who fits his preferred description. 

Who Is Jesiree Dizon?

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Model, TV actress and makeup artist Jesiree Dizon is the mother of three children. Together, the couple embrace their blended family. The two first met fifteen years prior to getting together and split because Moore was not ready yet to be a father and husband. After his mother passed, to whom he was very close and dedicated his clothing company Baby Girl LLC (to help fight multiple sclerosis), they reconnected and have been inseparable ever since. His clothing line is also inspired by his role on Criminal Minds through which he establishes a relationship with his coworker and lovingly calls her “baby girl,” garnering swooning from fans. He has now graduated from that role and happily partnered, saying he is in the best years of his life.