Are you having trouble with dropping hints to your crush? Whether you've been out of the dating game for a minute or looking to revamp your methods of flirting, it isn't easy to show someone that you're interested in them. Instead of letting a cheesy romantic comedy tell you the secret to getting your special someone to fall in love with you, check out these eight tips to conquering the art of flirting.

Be confident

There’s a thin line between arrogance and confidence, so you’ll have to find the right balance to avoid coming off too boastful. Go with the flow in your conversations over text messages and in person, but try not to make it awkward by chatting about yourself too much.

Show interest in their life

Does your crush have hobbies? If they’ve mentioned any minor details about themselves and what they do leisurely, bring it up in your next conversation. Not only do you have the chance to bond with them over a common interest, but it can be a date idea for your potential romance.

Act casual

It’s okay to be subtle. Movies and television shows depict flirting as an extravagant act that includes laughing entirely too much. No shade, but it’s normal to be nervous around your crush. So tone down the cheesy pick-up lines and create a simple technique that will be sure to show your crush that you can keep it cool.

Check your body language around them

Is your body language engaging with your person of interest? Smiling shows warm, happy emotion, so shine a quick smile around your crush while talking to them to let them know that you’re happily engaged in your conversation. Nodding your head, biting your lips or playing with hair/jewelry around your crush are other cues that might give them the hint that you’re interested.


There’s clearly a science behind flirting. While mirroring your crush’s physical gestures, you may catch yourself sitting or standing in a similar position as them. The act of mirroring is a sign of good communication and shows that your interest is reciprocated. Beware, not every single person enjoys being hit with mirroring, so limit your copycat act to those that would positively respond. 

Make eye contact

We’re not telling you to creepily stare at them until they question it, but prolonged eye contact and exchanging playful glancing with each other will further the mystery behind the quick gazes. 

Compliment them

Don’t forget that you don’t have to compliment your special someone on just their physical appearance. Personality traits, sense of style or their taste of music are excellent entry points for a compliment that doesn’t revolve around how they look.

Remember a small tidbit about them

Did your crush tell you about a new bar opening nearby? Invite them out for a drink and let them know that you’d enjoy going with them to share their excitement. Did they share their favorite band with you? Create a carefully crafted playlist for their eyes only with their favorite band. Indirectly telling your crush that you remembered a small fact that they told you shows interest. Don’t say I didn’t put you on!