There seems to be a belief that when a woman cuts her hair, she is going through some sort of substantial, life-changing event. While this may be true for some, it’s not the case for others. Some women prefer to have more ease in their lives. Having a head full of hair takes time and money. Many women find both too valuable to spend on keeping their hair intact. Cutting your hair is typically looked at as an easier route.

Cutting your hair can also be emotionally freeing. India Arie taught us that our hair is not who we are. In the 2018 Netflix film “Nappily Ever After,” the main character played by Sanaa Lathan, cuts her hair after realizing that she needs a change in her life. Some women attach certain attributes, narratives, and lifestyles to their hair and in turn, find themselves in toxic and unhealthy situations.

No matter what the circumstances are, cutting your hair is usually a fresh start. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it but have no clue where to start. Worry no more. 21Ninety has some short haircut styles you can rock.

Hair Cut Ideas

Not fully ready to commit to cutting all of your hair off but want something new? A bob is the best way to go. If you cut it at the perfect length, you may not even have to worry about an awkward phase. You’ll still be able to to put it in a baby ponytail or bun. However, if you’re ready to be daring, you can cut the bob to mid-neck, or even right below the earlobes. Spice it up a tad with a side part or asymmetrical cut to really turn some heads.

A mullet is a great short haircut style for the edgy girls. If you want to do a short cut to share the face but still want some length in the back, then this option is for you. Keep in mind, this look is not very versatile. Consider achieving this look with a quick weave first before permanently cutting your hair into a mullet style.

When it comes to committing to a pixie cut, there are levels. You can leave a lot of hair on the top to play with a mix of styles from time to time. You can also shorten it just a tad to have a bit of hair sweep over your forehead. There’s also the option of keeping your hair very short and flat with textured designs.

Lastly, you can go full on big chop with curl definition. There’s no heat and no chemicals when you choose this style. You can opt for a dye but its not necessary. Your stylist can even cut some fresh designs in your hair to spice it up.