In society, there’s a lot of time and attention devoted to recognizing unhealthy romantic relationships and learning to walk away from them. The same can not always be said for platonic friendships. However, friendships can be as essential to a woman’s life as romantic love. That’s why it is important want to ensure you’re aligned with the right people. Here are seven signs of a bad friend that might suggest they shouldn’t go into the next stage of your life. 

They’re Always Talking About Someone Negatively 

If your friend seems to constantly speak poorly about someone but treat them pleasantly in person, there’s a good chance that behavior is not limited to just that person. The chances that she’s talking about you as well are pretty high. Many people have criticisms and judgements of others but if she if she’s not discussing them with that party directly, she should keep them to herself. 

They Can List All the Ways Your Dreams Won’t Work 

Do all of your dreams seem to die when you decide to share them with a particular friend? Does she dim every lightbulb? Every idea dismissed? Your friend might not be the best person to share your dreams with. They either can’t see past their limitations or they may even have a fear of you surpassing them and changing the dynamic of your relationship. 

They Never Seem to Be Happy for You 

When you decide to pursue your dreams anyway and succeed, does your friends enthusiasm seem to be a little…lackluster? You notice that when you share good news, instead of her eyes lighting up, they seem to dart around nervously or dull a little bit, that might be a sign of a bad friend. 

They’re Never Able to Hold Space for You

Do you notice that after a long conversation that you did most of the listening and advising? After your friend asks the obligatory ‘How are you?’ the conversation is all about their problems. You end the conversation feeling spent and like you haven’t been heard. 

They’re Overly Critical 

Compliments might not be everyone’s strong suit. But if negative feedback rolls off of your friend’s tongue much more easily than compliments, it might be something you want to address. 

They Encourage Your Bad Habits 

Good friends have a way of seeing, speaking and bringing out the best in us. Are you conflicted about the person you become when hanging out with your friend? Such as gossiping more than you’d like and engaging in the habits you’re trying to leave behind. If you notice this pattern, it’s time to reevaluate. 

You Feel Down After You Leave Their Presence 

There’s nothing like leaving someone’s company feeling lighter and more joyful than when you came. It reminds you of the beauty of community and makes you feel less alone in the world. If hanging out with your friend doesn’t make you feel like this, you should make some adjustments.