Losing a job because of company layoffs is one of the most stressful and emotional experiences. 

Several factors contribute to a company undergoing job cuts. One of the main reasons for layoffs is budget cuts. When companies are trying to lower their expenses, poor-performing roles are high on the chopping block. However, there are other reasons to keep in mind. Technology advancements, company relocations and canceled projects are a few more considerations that go into the decision to lay off employees.

Although it may seem unpredictable to gauge a company layoff, there are signs to be mindful of when your job seems at risk.

Leadership Departures

It’s essential to pick up on patterns that may seem random or out of the ordinary. One warning sign that a layoff may be near is when managers, supervisors and other members of senior leadership leave the company. Whether it be managers from an existing team or another company department, the unexpected removal of certain positions could signify small-scale layoffs.

Change In Communication Styles

It’s normal for your boss to check in for frequent updates on projects or tasks in a way that is not considered micromanaging. However, if you begin to notice more controlling tendencies from your boss, that can be something to note. According to Harvard Business Review, a change in management patterns indicates that a person’s boss could be preparing to take over their employee’s workload or assign it to someone else.

An Increase In Words Hinting At A Company Downsize

It is crucial to be mindful of language and certain buzzwords in weekly meetings and office conversations. Words, such as “restructuring,” “reorganizing,” and “reengineering,” communicate that current positions are at risk of being cut from the company. Strategy is at the root of many business decisions regarding downsizing. As much as producing results for the company is valuable, so are the skills required to perform the role. If a company suggests that an employee’s skills are no longer necessary, their position could not last much longer.

There Have Been Past Rounds Of Layoffs

History finds a way of repeating itself, and that saying applies to layoffs that happened recently. A company can have several rounds of layoffs. Each business is different, and multiple layoffs can happen as frequently as every few months or infrequently every few years. Knowing this information can help determine when the next round may occur.

No New Hires Or Position Openings

A hiring freeze is a situation where a company stops hiring new workers and pauses open positions. It typically occurs when there are financial concerns and a business is trying to reduce operating expenses by cutting costs. While a hiring freeze is a way to prevent layoffs, it could also be a sign of a potential one.

Chatter About A Merger or Acquisition Gets Louder

A merger and acquisition refers to the consolidation of companies or their assets. When these situations happen, positions start to overlap. As a result, layoffs are more than likely to occur to eliminate those positions with duplicated responsibilities.