Simone Biles’ return to gymnastics has been a fierce one. She is now the oldest woman to win a U.S. Gymnastics title at the age of 26. 

Simone Biles’ Latest Feat

The gymnastics star recently competed in the U.S. Championship winning for the 8th time in her career. This comes ten years after she won her first title at the age of 16. The 8th win is another record set by Biles as the most wins for this title was seven since the USA Gymnastics began organizing the event in 1963.

During this year’s competition, she posted an all-around two-day total of 118.40 points. Her runner-up, Shilese Jones, was just four points shy of taking the title.

“I think sometimes, you black out whenever all those things happen,” Biles said to USA Today after her win. “I also think whenever I won those titles back in the day, we were focusing on the next thing. What’s next? … We never got to settle in and celebrate that.”

Biles’ next competition is at the world championships in Antwerp, Belgium, next month. Fans are looking forward to the possibility of her competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics, however, the athlete has yet to officially confirm if she will. For now, she is focused on living in the moment with her team members.

“Now, moving forward, we really try to celebrate our success, individually and as a team,” she continued. “Just so that, in a couple of years, we can remember those. Because I really don’t remember a lot from the past.”

Biles’ record-breaking win comes after her official return to gymnastics in early August. The athlete participated in the Core Hydration Classic in Illinois. She left the event with an overall score of 59.100. This was her first time back to gymnastics since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.