There’s nothing like a day spent in the sun by the pool or beach. However, the chlorine-filled or salt-filled water will leave your skin dry, dehydrated and rough. While the beach is supposed to give a special sun-kissed glow, the truth is it can only happen with a good skincare and body care routine.

What is the Best Skincare and Body Care Routine?

The core routine of hydrating, moisturizing, oiling and protective care. Lathering in a gentle body wash, exfoliating, moisturizing, and oiling is your best bet for a sun-kissed glow.

Best Body Wash

Nécessaire The Body Wash. Eucalyptus. Multi-Vitamin Gel Cleanser

This multivitamin cleanser is perfect for your post-beach wash. It softens and nourishes the skin with a foamy and luxuriously scented lather. It’s extremely gentle and safe for your skin and ideal for post-beach irritation, as it’s dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. The eucalyptus will wake up and revive your skin, as you continue to lather off old skin cells.

Best Restorative Hair Set

Shea Moisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Combo Bundle

Chlorine, salt water and sand can be a lot on your hair. The hard water can make your hair more susceptible to damage and breakage. The Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow, and Restore Combo bundle will ensure your hair’s integrity after a day of dunking your hair in drying chlorine. It strengthens the hair and the curls. The Jamaican Black Castor oil also works to relieve breakage and ensure hair growth.

Best Facial Exfoliator

Dermalogica Mini Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

Although sand is nature’s exfoliant, it may not work the same on your face. It could actually give you the opposite results by clogging your pores and damaging your skin barrier. After a day of your skin enduring the elements, your skin needs a little TLC with a gentle exfoliator. The Dermalogica Mini Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator is a gentle exfoliator that removes debris and free radicals from the skin, leaving it extra smooth.

Best Body Oil

OSEA Undaria Algae Oil

Photo Courtesy of Bluemercury

Everyone has been there: you get out of the pool or ocean, go to lay down or tan, and your skin immediately turns dry and ashy. The Osea Undaria Algae Oil ensures shine and moisture in any circumstance.

Best Hair Brush Detangler

Tangle Teezer | The Detangle & Massage Hairbrush Bundle

If you’ve grown to notice, curly hair doesn’t exactly react to saltwater the same way it does for women with wavy or straight counterparts. To ensure matted hair and tangles don’t take place, the Tangle Teezer for 4C Hair ensure that your post-beach mane will be drama and tangle-free.

Best Body Scrub

Shea Moisture Virgin Coconut Oil + Sugar Daily Scrub

SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Crème Sugar Scrub softens, nourishs and exfoliates dead skin. Infused with raw sugar, it will leave it soft and pampered for your post-beach dinner.

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