Slutty Vegan is offering a lifetime supply of their burgers to Chloe Bailey after her recent incident of accidentally eating meat. Bailey recently shared that she and her sister, Halle Bailey, were given regular burgers instead of the vegan ones she ordered.

“Because we would NEVER!!! 😏🌱🍔,” the popular vegan chain wrote. “TAG @CHLOEBAILEY RIGHT NOW‼️🗣️.”

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Slutty Vegan wanted Bailey to know that she wouldn’t have to worry about another mix-up again. And asked their followers to tag the singer.

Chloe Bailey’s Red Meat Mix-Up

During a live stream, Bailey emotionally explained how she unknowingly ate red meat after ten years of being a vegan, which a fan recorded and posted on their TikTok.

“Halle laughing at Chloe crying because she ate red meat lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂,” the account wrote.


Halle laughing at Chloe crying because she ate red meat lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂 #storytime #chloexhalle #chloebailey #hallebailey #vegan #veganburger #beyondburger

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“So I called to get a Beyond Burger for sis and I like usual. Specified that it’s vegan, no butter on the bun, nothing like that,” Bailey said. “So we get the burgers, I’m getting out of the shower… and [Halle] is eating the burger, and she’s like, ‘Are you sure this is Beyond?’

Bailey told her sister that the burgers were vegan. But it wasn’t until the “Swarm” actress ate the other burger that she noticed something was off.

“I touched the patty and smelled it and was like, ‘Of course, it’s Beyond, yeah.’ So I finish getting dressed, I take a bite, and the juice dripping from the burger is not like a Beyond burger. I just knew it was not a fake burger,” she continued. “The one bite I took, and I just knew. Immediately I said, ‘This doesn’t feel right.'”

That’s when she decided to call the front desk and they confirmed the sisters had received the wrong items. The concierge explained that the burgers were “brand burgers” and not the vegan version Bailey requested.   

Bailey had a difficult time accepting the mistake. She was visibly distressed during the live stream, while her sister was the opposite. The entire time “The Little Mermaid” actress laughed at her older sister.

The sisters have been vegans for the last ten years, a diet they broke when they accidentally ate beef. Hopefully, with Slutty Vegan’s offer, Bailey can resume her vegan diet.