Slutty Vegan CEO Pinky Cole Hayes announced that Slutty Vegan is officially headed to the Atlanta University Center (AUC). The vegan chain’s thirteenth location will be housed at Spelman College.

“Slutty Vegan is opening on the campus of Spelman College!” she captioned the video.

In the video, Cole Hayes announced that it was “move-in” day for the college campus and that “someone” other than the students was also moving in.

“Hey, y’all! It’s me again, Pinky Cole Hayes. And you know we just had our five year anniversary. So, right now, I’m on Spelman College’s campus and it’s move-in day. And guess who else is moving in?” an excited Cole Hayes teased her followers.

An excited Cole Hayes pans her camera across the room to show off the new Slutty Vegan location in the works. Although it’s not officially open, the video reads “opening soon” at the end.

New Location’s Grand Opening

The new location will open on August 26th for AUC students, faculty, staff, and visitors to join.

“Your wishes have been granted! Slutty Vegan at Spelman College opens TOMORROW 8/26 at 12NOON! 🫶🏾🍔🙌🏾,” the caption read.

In a beautiful tribute, one of the Slutty Vegan employees dances to “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce.

The newest location will include all of their famous vegan burgers such as the “Sloppy Toppy” or the “Ménage à Troi,” fresh fries, Crispy Chik’N and exclusive sauces.

Slutty Vegan Celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary

Recently the popular chain celebrated its 5th anniversary. Slutty Vegan shared a video on their Instagram thanking everyone.

“5 years ago when we started this company, we never imagined that we’d literally be changing the world. We strive on making an impact daily in our communities! It’s not just burgers, fries & pies, we’re thriving ALL because of you! Thank you for your continued support, dedication & love!” the caption read.

The video contained a news clip of Cole Hayes’ first starting with a small team and her food truck. And ended with advice that she continuously gives today, “Believe in yourself.” Now, the booming business has several locations around Atlanta, including Spelman’s campus, for everyone to enjoy.

For the entire week of the brands anniversary, Cole Hayes gave back to the community with activities such as free haircuts, free sandwiches, and money giveaways. In addition to the giveaways, Slutty Vegan has had a busy week with its recent collaboration with Angela Simmons.