Sometimes, we need a little extra pep in our step to keep us from falling into a slump, especially during the current times we’re living in. Whether it’s affirmations or smiley face nail designs or getting our hair done, adding a little bit of vibrancy to our day-to-day lives can help us control an uncontrollable world.

And though simple, adding a bit of fun to your nails is a great way to take on any bad day. Moreover, smiley face nails have emerged as a delightful trend worn by celebrities such as Harry Styles, Rita Ora and Zendaya. So, you’ are in good company if you try on this fun and sought-after way to embody joy.

Serving as a constant reminder to embrace happiness and spread smiles wherever you go, smiley face nails can be incorporated into a full nail design or used as an accent, these nail creations are a creative canvas for self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their personality and celebrate life to the fullest. From casual gatherings to special events, this trendy nail design makes them a versatile and appealing choice for any and every aesthetic.

These cheerful and eye-catching designs typically feature the iconic yellow smiley face against a contrasting background or alongside a background of nudes. But don’t think it stops there. This artsy design can play with vibrant colors and embellishments, making them a versatile look for everyone. Ahead are five smiley face nail ideas to try for the fall.

French Manicure Smiley Nails


French manicure smiley nails are a timeless way to add a dose of elegance to your look. Featuring the playful charm of smiley face nail art, this nail design creates a fusion of sophistication and whimsy.

Mix And Match Smiley Face Nails


From the classic yellow smiley to quirky variations with different expressions, mix-and-match smiley nails allow you to playfully experiment with colors, patterns, and emotions.

Checkered Smiley Face Nails


Checkered smiley face nails offer two distinct design elements: checkered patterns and cheerful smiley faces. This nail art style showcases alternating squares of contrasting colors, typically black and white or white and nude, and creates a classic checkerboard effect.

Cactus Jack Smiley Face Nails


Cactus-inspired smiley face nails are a great fusion of nature and whimsical flair. These nails typically feature a vibrant green or desert-inspired background, reminiscent of cacti and their natural habitat.

Groovy Smiley Face Nails


Groovy smiley face nails pay homage to the free-spirited era of the 1960s and 70s. These nails evoke a sense of nostalgia for the psychedelic and counterculture movements of the time, featuring a palette of bold, neon colors, swirling patterns, and of course smiley faces that are embellished with peace signs, flowers, or groovy swirls.

Polka Dot Smiley Face Nails

Polka dot smiley face nails are a lighthearted and versatile choice for those who want to showcase their love for nostalgia, playfulness, and optimism. This nail choice offers a glimpse of sunny smiles with a bit of a twist that will be sure to turn heads.