Through a large majority of Snoop Dogg’s career, he has often been looked at as a hair icon. This holds a lot of weight not only because men aren’t often looked at hair #hairgoals but because of his status in the industry. As a 90’s west coast rapper, being a hair inspiration was not expected of him.

Now, he is stepping into the hair care industry along with his wife Shante Broadus, to launch a scarf line! The Broadus Collection By Shante & Snoop is a luxury scarf line dedicated to their daughter, Cori. At only six years old, Cori was diagnosed with Lupus, which resulted in hair loss. As she began to lose her hair, Cori would often wear scarves. In solidarity with her, the entire Broadus family wore scarves with her, making it the family’s signature look. After years of sporting other brands, the family felt it was only right to create a line of scarves that were stylish as well as served a purpose. I had a chance to talk to the family about the line and their drive behind it, check it out below!

Photo Credit: Broadus Collection/Annie International, Inc.

Zayna Allen: Snoop, you’ve been involved in many business deals in the past. From the gaming industry, to cannabis to cooking and you’ve stepped into the hair care industry before. Is there something special about the hair care industry that made you want to come back?

Snoop Dogg: My hair has always been an iconic part of who I am; it felt only natural to get back into the industry, but this time it was more special; I was doing it with my wife and family.

ZA: Shante, what has this journey been like to have your husband as your business partner?

Shante Broadus: Having Snoop as a business partner is nothing new, this is what we have been doing for over 30 years now. We grew up together, on the road, performing, growing our family and empire together. We have always been in business together. We are better together. I am his backbone, final gut check, and confidant. We know each other better than anyone and support each other in everything we do. So this journey isn’t new for us; it is special to be able to work with my husband and make each other better.

Photo Credit: Broadus Collection/Annie International, Inc.

ZA: Snoop and Shante, your daughter was a driving force behind creating the Broadus Collection, could you walk us through the process of coming up with this line to honor her?

SB: When Cori was six years old, she was diagnosed with Lupus. We did not want her to feel embarrassed or different when her hair started to fall out, so we bought scarves, and began to wear them as a family. Then as she grew older and became more comfortable, we continued to wear scarves; they became a part of our style, so it just made sense to us. As a family of entrepreneurs, we saw this as an opportunity to share our style directly with fans, so the Broadus Collection was born.

ZA: Cori, what feedback have you gotten so far about the line? Have you heard any stories from other people going through the same battles as you?

Cori Broadus: People love the bright colors and versatility the scarves provide. It has been amazing to see so many people, of all ages and gender, wearing them how they want, tied in a braid, the old school grandma way, or even tied as a headband.. people are teaching me new ways to wear and tie the scarves, and I love to see how happy everyone is when they are wearing them. I used to be embarrassed to show people my hair and deal with what I was going through, but now seeing how much it has helped people embrace what they are going through while looking good is pretty cool.

Photo Credit: Broadus Collection/Annie International, Inc.

ZA: Shante, you all were able to work with Annie International to produce this line of scarves, what did that creative process look like?

SB: We sat down with Annie one day and showed them the scarves we had been wearing, photos of us wearing various scarves over the years. It became evident that all the scarves were bright and colorful, so we immediately knew that the designs had to reflect all our personalities. It is important that no matter your age or gender, there is something for you. Snoop and I like different size scarves, he prefers the square shape, and I like the longer ones, so we decided the scarves had to be offered in two sizes. From the first meeting, Annie came up with a bunch of designs and patterns for us to review, and then we had a family meeting and went over them, and everyone had their favorites, which are the patterns you see today.

ZA: Snoop, you’re known as a Black hair icon. As a man, this means a lot considering that women are always looked to for hair styles. Can you speak to the idea of men stepping out of the box and pushing the boundaries with their hair?


SD: I came from an era, the 70s, where hair and fashion were all important, no matter your gender, so it does not surprise me that today everyone is pushing the boundaries, whether with their hair or fashion. I love seeing trends from when I was growing up coming back into style.

ZA: What can we expect next from the Broadus family?

SD: This is just the beginning for the Broadus Family; we already have a candle line and now our scarves. You will just have to stay tuned to see what is next.

The Broadus Collection includes 6 scarves in two different sizes. Want to get your hands on one?  Shop now! The scarves are available for purchase online on their website.

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