Many celebrities never had the opportunity to go to college. Their career trajectories usually don’t allow them to attend. The “College Hill” reboot gives celebrities the opportunity to not only get a higher education but to specifically attend an HBCU. The second season of the new “College Hill: Celebrity Edition” has had fans all over social media excited to see how their favs survive HBCU life.

The new season’s cast members include some fan favorites like Tiffany Pollard, Amber Rose, and Joseline Hernandez. These women have also been the topics of discussion on social media. With the two reality TV queens, Hernandez and Pollard, at the helm of this show, they absolutely have users on Twitter in a chokehold.

About College Hill: Celebrity Edition

The original “College Hill” shaped many millennials’ young adulthoods. Originally aired on BET in 2004, the show featured everyday HBCU students. Viewers would watch the co-eds interact with each other on campus. The show lasted for 6 seasons, and it was a hit with many people who grew up during that time. Those who loved the show could probably still, easily tell you their favorite moments from it. The sixth and final season aired in 2009.

After being canceled for over 10 years, BET decided to bring the show back in 2022. This time it features celebrities and airs on BET+ . Some names from the first season include Nene Leaks, Dreamdoll, and Stacey Dash. Now in its second season, College Hill returns to Texas Southern University to give a new set of celebs the HBCU life.

Reactions To The Second Season

BET+ released the first two episodes of the second season of “College Hill: Celebrity Edition” on May 11 and viewers all over social media had many thoughts.

There is an overall positive response to the original reality TV queen, Tiffany Pollard. She is showing viewers that she is taking the opportunity to return to school seriously. She has also remained her trademark, unapologetic self.

It doesn’t stop with Pollard. Fans also enjoyed watching Joseline Hernandez’s shenanigans throughout the first two episodes. Some viewers even point out the differences between her show on Zeus Network, “Joseine’s Cabaret,” and this show.

Overall, fans are excited to see how the rest of the season plays out with these three pop culture queens. Other cast members of the show include Ray-J, O’Ryan (Omarion‘s brother), Iman Shumpert and Parker McKenna.