Solange Knowles is set to cover the Spring/Summer issue of Dazed Magazine this year. In the issue, the singer-songwriter pays tribute to her spiritual home, Jamaica. Solange is currently working on new music while on the island and spoke very passionately about it to Dazed, according to an article on Daily Mail. “If you are really still, it will hold you. If you are really quiet, it will speak to you,” said the 31-year-old artist. 

Solange is also said to have written a journal about her memories of the island which served as her inspiration for her new album – the journal will be featured in the Dazed issue. 

Some of the looks photographed by Jackie Nickerson includes Solange in a fishnet top underneath Teflar pants and a jacket styled as a dress with Gucci mules. She also graces the cover with a Celine suit under a corset by Paolina Russo. 

The issue is set to come out on April 19th and we can't wait to see what other looks Solange will be serving. 

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