The Virgin Galactic space plane that holds the mother-daughter duo from the Caribbeans rocketed into the skies this week. According to AP, sweepstakes winners include a health coach and her daughter. Keisha Schahaff, 46, and daughter Anastatia Mayers, 18, a college student, became passengers on the first space flight carrying paying tourists. The mother-daughter duo took off from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Mother-Daughter Duo Make History

Schahaff and her daughter won their pass on the private flight through a $1.7 million fundraising sweepstakes organized by Space for Humanity. The pair made history as the first mother-daughter duo, as well as the first women from the Caribbean to travel to space. Schahaff says she considered this experience “a childhood dream has come true” and even brought pink Antiguan sand. Mayers will also be the second youngest passenger to travel to space.

Former British Olympian Jon Goodwin joined Schahaff and Mayers on the spaceship. Goodwin is the first British Olympian and the second person with Parkinson’s Disease to make the voyage. Virgin Galatic Chief Astronaut Instructor Beth Moses also accompanied the group. This will be Moses’s fourth time making this journey. This trip marks the first time women outnumbered men on a spaceflight.

Virgin Galactic Opens For Tourism

Initially, this private customer flight was delayed for years. However, since takeoff was a success, company founder Richard Branson can now offer monthly rides. Branson joins Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in the space tourism business.

According to AP, Virgin Galactic tickets were $250,000 in 2005. They are now $450,000 for a 90 minute trip to space.

Several months ago, Branson held a virtual lottery to determine the order assignment for the first 50 customers. But Virgin Galactic agreed with Goodwin going first due to his age and medical condition.

Branson watched the take-off from a watch party in Antigua. Other attendees include Antigua’s prime minister, Schahaff’s mother, and relatives.

“Welcome to the club,” Branson tweeted to the new space fliers.