Zoe Kravitz- a Pinterest mood board, a vibe, and style icon, never ceases to amaze us with her effortlessly hot looks, vibe, and dope sense of style. 

Zoe’s star appearance as Rob in the 2020 Hulu comedy series, High Fidelity, showcased Zoe’s true NYC street style enthusiast- Penny Loafers, mini pleated skirts with leather fall boots, boyfriend jeans, and crisp white tees. 

And though Zoe’s High Fidelity appearance showcased true New Yorker style in its entirety, Kravitz always knows how to walk the streets of anywhere on and off screen wearing a perfectly crafted fit, especially for the fall. 

Below you can find 10 of the best street style looks Zoe has rocked over the years from baggy jeans to 90’s inspired headphones, we’ve got you covered with a few looks to add to your mood boards for a great fall outfit. 

Denim Craze

The all denim craze is still very much in season, with a good jean and an even better denim jacket rest assured the all denim fit can be taken easily from day to night in seconds. 

Yellow is The New Black

Yellow is the mood for a perfect fall inspired getup. Bright hues and colors are the perfect way to take on a good day ahead and you can never go wrong with a good loafer to match. 

Nothing Beats A Good Leather Boot

If there’s a style Zoe knows how to put together it would definitely be bohemian. This grunge/casual look is definitely a mood for running errands or having a chill day with friends. Zoe paired her “queen of cool” look with a pair of retro headsets, leather boots, an oversized tee, a plaid skirt, and a wool trench coat. 

The Groutfit

The groutfit is a great way to take on the weekend in style. Zoe was spotted back in 2020 wearing a matching grey sweatsuit, New Balances, a black scarf, and a long green trench for a pop of color. 

A Casual Day In NYC

What says casual better than a pair of biker shorts and a hoodie? We’re absolutely loving the casual fit, and paired with a good shoe to match- You're golden! 

Teddy Coats and Brown Hues

Nothing says a good fall outfit other than a teddy coat and brown colors to match. Zoe was spotted on a coffee run wearing a brown knit sweater, brown jeans, black boots, and a crossbody bag. She paired the look off with a long brown teddy coat. 

Suede Jackets Are Back

Zoe attended the High Fidelity premiere in New York, wearing a brown suede jacket, a pair of skinny jeans and a bright printed blouse for a pop of color. 

An All Black Affair

All black fits are a great leeway from day to night in seconds. Zoe was spotted back in 2016 leaving Drake’s 30th birthday party wearing a long black coat, a vintage black bag, and a pair of red pumps. 

Ripped Jeans Anyone?

Ripped jeans are always a great way to spice up an outfit. You can wear them casual, or even dress them up. Zoe is always the perfect gyal to wear a good ripped jean, and to wear them well! 

Red Bottoms For the Win

We all love a good red bottom, especially when its paired the right way! Kravitz took on a day of fun wearing a brown trench, nude suede bottoms, a velvet top, sunglasses, and of course red a pair of Louboutin pumps.

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