Self-care looks different for everyone — it’s a personal act of self-love that can take the form of a long, steamy bath, guided meditation, quickly remembering your mantra, reading a book or even just taking 10 seconds to inhale and exhale deeply. Even the busiest of people make sure to take some time for themselves. Kerry Washington mentioned to People that she feels empowered when she’s making time to take care of herself. Check out how some our favorite queens practice self-care in between their busy schedules (and make sure to get some of our best tips here):


Auntie Tracee Ellis Ross shared with People and The New Potato that she enjoys saying a prayer and meditating. "I often remove social media from my phone for stretches of time, because I know if I wake up and start with social media before prayer and meditation, things have gone topsy turvy and my priorities are out of whack," said the Black-ish star. Ross also mentioned that some of the building blocks of her self-care consist of "eight hours of sleep, lots of water, as much laughter and family time as possible and following her heart around instead of her head." Ross mentioned feeling the strongest when she’s practicing self-acceptance. "Allowing myself to be myself makes me feel really powerful. I think it requires a sense of community. You have to unplug from what our culture and our world tells us is strong, is pretty, is better. It opens up the door for some fun, because otherwise it all becomes so serious. Strong can be serious, but there’s also some play in just allowing," said Ross. Along with self-acceptance, she also makes sure to eating healthy, cook and share great food with her family.


Black-ish and Grown-ish star, activist and soon-to-be Harvard student, Yara Shahidi spoke with Teen Vogue about practicing self-care and admitted to not knowing what it looked like for her yet. "I'm just figuring out what I consider self-care, because I realize self-care is so different for everybody," she said. "Mine may seem non-traditional. A lot of it's just music-based, and finding music that I enjoy, making time to listen, and to read. So much of it is just the act of making time, even if I don't do anything. Even if I sit and watch paint dry or stare at a wall, there's something really nice about finding time in which you do whatever you want to do in that moment."


In Adwoa Aboah’s recent interview with Byrdie, she mentioned having to take a moment for herself every day. "I need my own space, and I need to be able to process things. I move really fast and work sometimes probably too much. I think living in Brooklyn and not in the city is really great for me because when I go home, it’s my time." Exercise is also a big part of Aboah’s life, "that’s because it sorts my head out. If I have a free day, I’ll be at the gym. Like lots of other people in the world, I suffer from anxiety, and I need to be able to quiet myself and concentrate on something else."


As the weekend co-host for the Today Show, she tries to find 5-10 minutes each day to #carveoutcalm. "If I do it every day it keeps me from getting to the point of a breakdown. Even if it’s at the end of the day, I give myself that moment to meditate or pray or take deep breath. It makes a huge difference when I wake up in the morning if I go to bed calm. Each morning for me is a new start a reset button," she told Self.


Actress Sanaa Lathan practices self-care by creating a list, she shared with Health magazine. The 46-year-old star (talk about fountain of youth), practices self-care by working out, meditating twice a day and taking social media breaks. Taking time to focus on her well-being also gives Sanaa the energy and emotional wherewithal to carry out important projects. In the midst of all of her busy work, Lathan also makes time to work on the Sanaa Lathan Foundation, which offers summer camps and education support to children who are at-risk. 


Lupita Nyong’o shines from within and when she chatted with Vogue for her January cover, and she let the world in on some of her favorite self-care practices. The actress enjoys working out, more so for the playfulness of it as opposed to the results. The exercise that sparked her interest most recently has been pole dancing. "It was incredible and sexy, and I thought, I need to learn how to do that," she said. Some of Lupita’s other self-care practices includes listening to music and eating good food. However, while preparing for her role in Black Panther, she indulged in massages and epsom salt baths. 


Singer and author Kelly Rowland enjoys facials and massages when it comes to showing herself care and love. "I call physical therapists who help my body tremendously. I stay for two hours and let them rub me. If I only have 15 minutes, I meditate," Rowland shared with Self. Rowland also mentioned taking time to pray and ask for guidance. "Self-care is from top to bottom: mental, health, physical. If one thing is off it can change and alter your whole day. You have to really be conscious of that because when we come in contact with other people you have to be sure that you’re a light — not darkness — because you never know what that other person is going through."