The actors opened up about their experiences while filming the movie.

There are many hilarious scenes to take note of within ‘Honk For Jesus. Save Your Your Soul,’ but if there’s one thing that’s even more hilarious than this satirical comedy, it would have to be Sterling K. Brown (who plays the disgraced pastor, Lee Curtis Childs) and Regina King (who plays the pastors wife, Trinitie Childs) having to learn the words to the Rap/Hip Hop classic, “Knuck if You Buck.”

For many, the song holds a special place within their heart, and as a current HBCU alum, “Knuck If You Buck,” is practically permeated into the memory of my college experience. From day parties to evening gatherings with friends, whenever this hit classic plays, you just know that it’s gonna be a good time.

For the stars of Honk For Jesus, it definitely was a good time. The dynamic duo recently opened up to Essence about having to memorize the song lyrics for “Knuck if You Buck.”

There’s A Scene From The Movie Where The Pastor and His Wife Rap The First And Second Verse Of Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck.”

According to Essence, there’s a scene from the movie where the movie couple is seen rapping the first and second verse from Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck.”

“In one of many scenes that call the servitude of these self-professed servants of the Lord into question, the couple drives home from church after an argument and passionately — and passive-aggressively –raps the first and second versus of Crime Mob’s “Knuck if You Buck” to let out their anger.” Says Essence. “As it turns out, neither Hall nor Brown knew of the hood classic before diving into the script.”

The Two Apparently Never Knew The Song Existed Before The Movie

In an exclusive sit-down with the magazine, Sterling K. Brown mentioned that he and King apparently never heard the song prior to them learning the lyrics for the movie. “We were like, ‘When did this song come out?,’ Brown admits to ESSENCE.

“We didn’t know the song, let alone the lyrics,” Hall adds. Sensing our shock, she continues, “I know. It’s sacrilegious to most people.”

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