Life can be hard and tiring. Add in the extra layer of comparison and self sabotage and it can seem unbearable. Although it is admirable to hold people in a high regard, over-idealizing people can run your self-esteem into the ground.

Social Media Plays A Role

The rise of social media “flexing” has become somewhat of a menace. It can be easy to see people online and start mentally over-idealizing other people by exaggerating their positive qualities and undermining yourself. There is a thin line when it comes to reality and social media. For the most part, social media is only a sliver into reality and doesn’t paint the full picture.

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It Is Important To Let Go Of Perceptions

Letting go of our perceptions of people is a powerful thing because it is incredibly liberating. As hard as we try, it is very difficult to fully know someone thoroughly. Consciously or unconsciously, when we place people on a grand pedestal, it dehumanizes them and gives them an unreasonable god complex in our eyes. This can influence our relationship with others, and with ourselves, ultimately pushing us to hold ourselves to an unattainable standard.

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It is Possible to Bounce Back

When we put people on a high horse, ultimately, it can create a power imbalance in the relationship. Whether the person you are idealizing is aware of this or not, holding them to an unreasonably celestial level can make it seem like they are superior to you or have a leg up in the relationship. Ultimately, it everyone is flawed and creating scenarios in our heads that place people high above us is a recipe for disaster and a quick way to feel down on yourself. It is important to empower ourselves by taking off the rose-colored glasses and seeing people for who they are.

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