With warmer weather on the horizon, it could be time to freshen up your closet! The frocks that fit the frosty days of winter won’t continue to do. If we do decide to layer, it won’t be with puffers or warm fabric pieces: we’re approaching the end of spring and the start of summer!

So, you’ll want to consider what makes you feel and look cool. Sure, many designers have already shared their spring/summer collections for the year laced with florals, metallics and monochrome moments. And yet, we each have our own style to maintain as it speaks to who we are and what we love. Alongside to pieces that you may already have or can grab at your nearest second-hand/bargain store, here’s our take on the summer 2024 fashion trends. 

Modern Bride Inspired White Dresses, Basics and ‘90’s Simple Chic

A white dress, in its simplicity, has the power to add color to your look. Not in the literal sense obviously, but it makes a statement while setting free the wearer to focus on other aspects of the fit. For the summer, a short or long white dress with a bit of texture in the form of ruffle or draping can be the simple touch that a look needs. It’ll serve as the base allowing you to add pattern or color to your accessories or keep the theme of white all the way through. Keeping the theme can also be applied to basics, a simple yet chic take on quiet luxury looks for the bar and the office. This can be achieved with a basic tee in your preferred neck style and a pair of neutral trousers (nude, brown, black or gray).

Depending on your mood or silhouette preference, you can go high rise with your bottoms as this look made its way onto the runways too. In any case, neutrals seemed to inspire this year’s batch of designers and these looks can be achieved on both a low and high scale. But if you want to take the energy up, I mean high up, let’s get into the bolder looks of summer. 

Prep, Boho, Metallics and Craft

There’s something about the simplicity of prep as well. A good sweater, collared/polo shirt combo with slacks/skirt and your fave pair of slim shoes (sambas or ballet flats) can feel like a uniform. It’s anything but that! Play with the textures, colors, masc-femme combos and you have a go to formula that fits everybody while allowing room for fun. Boho has its formula too as it’s usually floral-friendly involving billowy tops and long skirts. This season the skirts keep the texture and length while adding a transparent quality. A sexy combo of beating the heat and embracing our bodies, these see-through moments are what summer is all about. And if you want to make it an even more skin-centric look, take it back to those daisy dukes you used to wear. Short shorts are in the spotlight along with metallics and craft (feathers, fringe and stitched steals).

Gold, silver and bronze are timeless examples of shimmer and shine although the blues (mostly cerulean) are popping up too. So, raid your, your parent’s and the local second hand store’s closets for pieces that transition well like neutrals and bottoms while securing statement tops and accessories. 

How To Accessorize Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

This year’s summer 2024 fashion trends provide a gamut of looks to choose from in color, texture, shine and era. They also offer up the option of sustainably (eco and pocket-wise) sourcing pieces to complement items that you already have. Before we get into where to get the look, here’s how to make it your own. Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever. When you’re thinking about jewelry, bags and shoes, you can play off the classics like gold hoops and baguette bags with a comfy flat. Or statement earrings with platform sandals and a boho bag. Figuring out your own takes work, but think about what catches your eye. It might be a certain era or group of colors and any trend can make its way into that if that’s what you want.

Oversized pieces can be cinched with pins and statement belts like vintage sweaters or bottoms can be embellished with monogramming. Your local secondhand store, Target or TJ Maxx is prone to have what you’re looking for and then there’s always the online shops when online window shopping feels better. Let us know what you’re exploring this summer, how you’re switching things up or keeping them stylishly the same. Can’t wait to hear about your looks!