The second season of “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” returned with more laughs and enjoyment. Most importantly, the vibrant cast brought a boatload of drama to the island.

Fans of the show enjoyed reuniting with the original cast members and being introduced to new housemates this season. After an epic two-month comeback, Bravo gifted viewers with the show’s first-ever reunion episode, which aired on Sunday. 

The reunion, hosted by Andy Cohen, was a much-needed debrief that answered audiences’ questions about pivotal on-screen moments. The love triangle between Noelle, Summer and Alex was a hot topic. Andy touched on Amir and Natalie’s relationship, alongside her questionable choice to play telephone with Nick’s former girlfriend Tasia. At the end, however, viewers felt that they were robbed of other subject matters that weren’t discussed or needed to be unpacked because of the limited one-hour time slot.

On Tuesday, “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” made headlines after Deadline reported that Bravo paused production on the reality show. The network did not confirm the cancellation of the series, but a third season has not been announced.

If you are missing your weekly dose of the roommates, here’s some life updates about the cast since filming wrapped.

Nicholas “Nick” Arrington

Nick left fans with a major relationship update during the reunion episode of “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.” On the Watch What Happened Live set, he shared that he and his girlfriend, Tasia, decided to end their relationship. She was initially introduced on the show towards the end of the first season. Her appearance was brief in Season 1, when she surprised Nick during the “Luxe on the Bluff” event that he organized with Alex.

She reappeared in the show’s second season after concerns were raised about her feelings towards Nick’s behavior with the other women in the house.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper 

After giving birth to her baby boy, Silas “Si” Geplay Cooper Jr., Jasmine appears to be enjoying being a first-time mom.

In the show’s second season, fans witnessed her and Jordan’s friendship shift. The dynamic duo went from inseparable to distant friends over the past two seasons. While the two may not be as close as before, both seemed hopeful at the reunion about improving their relationship.

Bria Fleming

Bria continues to enjoy life with Milo and Simon by her side. She recently attended the red carpet of the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival.

She posed in a glamorous yellow gown with Simon as her date for the event. The family of three also announced the launch of their YouTube channel. Subscribers can expect to watch vlogs that show their daily lifestyle, trips, events and more.

Shanice Henderson

One thing viewers loved about Shanice was that she was a guaranteed good time. 

However, there were moments of vulnerability for her as she shared life challenges, including losing her job. But, she provided a career update at the reunion and announced that she is no longer unemployed.

Amir Lancaster

Amir shared a major life update with his supporters. He and his girlfriend, Natalie Cortes, took the next step in their relationship and moved in together. He shared a picture of them standing in front of their new home in Austin, Texas. The happy couple smiles are wide since purchasing the property.

Preston Mitchum

Preston also took his relationship status to the next level. Preston’s partner appeared on “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” in its latest season, and fans got the chance to witness the heartwarming love between the couple.
After three years of dating, Preston asked his now-fiancé Donald Cooley’s hand in marriage during a European getaway in April.

Summer Marie Thomas

Summer recently co-launched a wellness collective for women of color called “presentself.” Drawing inspiration from the “soft girl era,” the initiative of her wellness collective is to help other women rediscover the balance between hustling and rest.

Alex Tyree

Alex continues to further his music career and create a space for other music lovers to connect.

In April, he released his EP “A Trinity Love” on Apple Music, Spotify and all other streaming platforms. When he’s not creating new music, he is working to expand his business of creating live experiences and music curation services for “Feel the SPACE.”

Jordan Emanuel

Jordan Emanuel is the curator of vibes when selecting a set of songs for a party or event.

The reality star is a DJ who plays throughout New York City and travels to play different sets. At the start of May, she performed in her hometown, Baltimore, for the Preakness Live music festival.

Noelle Hughley

The reality show’s newbie is making her mark as a New Yorker. She is currently a legal IT associate pursuing her career goal of transitioning into entertainment law.