The secrets are in the stars – the secrets of romance, of course. Every zodiac sign is capable of showing love to their partner and being a romantic partner, but to what extent? Based on their compatibility with their fellow signs, these ten water, fire, earth and air signs are able to extend an extra amount of compassion to their loved ones.


Although water signs are often mocked for their tendency to be over-emotional, Cancers show love with every part of their heart. Most water signs are hopeless romantics that actively provide their loved ones with actions that will make them swoon. It’s not a surprise if these signs’ love languages are quality time or words of affirmation.


Beyoncé made an entire song talking about the gift of Virgos, but this earth sign enjoys being loved in the form of intellectual conversations, loyalty and small gestures. Since their love language encourages more action over words, be ready to give your time and space to this honorable sign.


The confident Leo is definitely the embodiment of the lion of fire signs, especially in their love lives. These theatrical lovers are prone to go above and beyond with overblown gestures to impress their lovers with romantic dinners, gifts and materialistic items. A Leo isn't going to wait around for their significant other to praise them, so appreciate this fire sign while they're in your life.


While being fully invested in their relationship, the Scorpio is emotionally driven to please their partner both emotionally and sexually. Their love is often said to be "love worth writing about" as the water sign often dreams like a hopeless romantic. However, beware the Scorpio's jealous nature.


These air signs receive more backlash than they deserve, but Geminis are truly loyal and caring lovers. Besides putting their loved ones on a pedestal, they won't restrain themselves from verbally sharing their favorite things about you. If the Gemini chooses you to be their partner-in-crime, their intense emotions will be directed toward you. 


Showering their partners love is common for these earth signs. Tauruses offer acts of service like wining-and-dining or purchasing gifts to emphasize their attraction for their lovers. This gentle and protective sign may have a hard time verbally expressing their emotions, but with patience, the emotional bond between a Taurus and their lover will grow exponentially.


These air signs may or may not be obsessed with their partners. If your love language is being the center of your soulmate’s world, you’ll love the praise and affection given by a Libra. By constantly supporting your achievements, your Libra lover will show their loyalty and adornment for you.


The Capricorn loves in a unique way that may not be as affectionate compared to other signs. The reserved earth sign is hesitant to commitment in relationships, so in order to catch their attention, a prospective love interest must be responsible and understanding to the Capricorn's way of showing love. Although you may not receive a grand gesture by this sign, their words of kindness can pander to those who are a fan of affirmation.


The adventurous Aries wins the title for most romantic and go-getting lover. This feisty fire sign will bond with you based on your beliefs, personality and desire to go on an adventure. If you happen to get bored easily, Aries are a big fan of spicing up their love lives to keep everything fresh and passionate.


This water sign needs to be shown love in return to feel equal in their relationships, both platonic and romantic. Found at the end of the zodiac calendar, the imaginative Pisces is metaphorically swimming in their daydreams. The soft, kind lover does not take heartbreak well, so avoid getting on their bad side. 

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