Summer Walker is celebrating the release of her new Clear 2: Soft Life EP with the first visual from the project. She released the music video for her song “Pull Up,” which she teased on Thursday with a quick preview clip. 

The video finds Walker juggling two relationships: her main boyfriend and her side boyfriend. The video begins with her and her boyfriend, played by actor Myles Truitt, spending some quality time together. Eventually, it shows Walker sneaking away to cuddle with her side boyfriend, played by actor Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.

Walker’s fans have been eager to hear “Pull Up” since she teased the track when she first revealed the tracklist. Clear 2: Soft Life EP is the sequel to Walker’s 2019 “Clear” EP. 

The album features a collaboration with Childish Gambino. The musician also pulled in Solange, Steve Lacey and John Kirby to produce the track “Agayu’s Revelation.” Rapper J. Cole also makes an appearance on the album on the track “To Summer, From Cole – Audio Hug.” The song, in particular, has become a breakout favorite track for listeners and hardcore fans.

Ahead of its release, Walker gave fans a heads up that Clear 2 would likely be most appreciated by her “day one fans.” The singer’s OG fans have indeed taken to social media to praise the project. They have expressed how well it aligns with the Neo Soul sound of Summer’s first Clear project.

“I wanna let it be known that Clear projects are my favorite type of music to make,” Walker said on Instagram. “It [is] slick the only time I actually have fun making music. It’s raw. It’s real, [and] live.”

She added jokingly that the rest of her fans will “get y’all auto tune packed radio joints when the album come out.”