Summer Walker is gearing up for her upcoming one-night-only performance in Atlanta. The performance follows the release of the singer’s recent EP, “Clear 2: Soft Life.” Like any artist promoting new music, Summer Walker is making her press rounds. Her first stop was Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please” podcast.

Summer Walker’s Journey

The singer opened up to Yung Miami about the topics that fans have been wanting to know for years. The most recent rumor is that Walker is dating rapper and “BMF” star, Lil Meech. During the interview, she confirmed their relationship. Yung Miami asked her about their relationship on an intimate level.

“It’s giving big Meech. He’s a good man, Savanna,” she joked.

Videos surfaced weeks ago showing Lil Meech with a woman wearing a pink ski mask who was later revealed to be the “Over It” singer. 

“I wanted at least like six months before people started to investigate,” Walker explained. “It’s fresh, you never know what can happen but so far it’s great.”

During the interview Walker and Yung Miami also discussed the status of her relationship with London On Da Track, the father of her first child. She says things have been getting better.

“It was wild in the beginning,” she said.

Since their breakup, the music producer has been dating Jamaican artist Shenseea.

Motherhood and Post-Partum Depression

Later, Walker and Yung Miami bonded over post-partum depression.

“I feel like people have postpartum when they don’t have the support that they need,” Walker explained. “It could be a hormonal imbalance, but just for me, it was just not having the support that I needed… I was really depressed, and it wasn’t about the child. I loved her. I just needed help.”

Yung Miami shared that it can be difficult to be a mother and a responsible adult. Walker says its all about balance.

“You still gotta make time for yourself. Make sure that you if you want to stay cute, if you want to take a bath, go to the spa, take a trip, whatever it is. And as long as you carve that time out, I feel like you won’t feel like you miss anything.”

“I have no shame. As soon as my kids go to sleep. I hit the streets,” she laughed.

Summer Walker’s one-night-only performance in Atlanta is set for June 1st and will feature a live orchestra and hit songs from the singer.