We all know that inner beauty is outer beauty. Being beautiful from the inside out doesn’t just apply to an arbitrary “inner glow” anymore, though. In fact, eating a healthy diet that's full of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals to improve your internal health can actually improve your mane! You don’t have to just rely on deep conditioners and oil treatments to get the best hair ever anymore. A fuller, healthier head of hair can start with the food you put in your body.

If you think your diet isn’t enough, you can even add certain supplements to balance out any deficiencies you might be suffering from. However, it’s important to know that the FDA doesn’t review supplements for safety or effectiveness of purported cosmetic benefits such as “shinier” or “healthier hair.” Also, oversaturating your body with certain supplements can even provide the opposite results for your hair (and even health). Therefore, eating a full, balanced diet with a focus on getting in hair-healthy nutrients and vitamins is probably the easiest way to be sure you’re treating your body right. If you’re considering adding supplements, it might be smart to talk to a medical professional first. 

Here are a few foods and nutrients you should check out for hair-specific benefits!


Iron deficiency is often marked by hair loss, so it’s important to ensure that you have enough of this vital nutrient in your body. To get more iron in your diet, look to dark leafy greens and red meats. 

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Vitamin A

Your hair cells — actually all your body’s cells — need vitamin A to grow. There isn’t a way to get the full head of healthy hair you crave without it. Additionally, Vitamin A plays a critical role in creating sebum, which is your body’s naturally-produced oil that keeps your hair and skin moisturized and healthy. You can get vitamin A from foods such as dairy products, cod liver oil, sweet potatoes and leafy greens. 

Vitamin B5

In order to help blood flow to your scalp and stimulate hair growth (and even maybe hair thinning and loss), this critical vitamin is necessary for your best hair ever. It might also show up as pantothenic acid on labels, so be sure to read with a sharp eye. Vitamin B5 can be found in foods such as avocado, broccoli and greek yogurt. 


This amino acid is critical in renewing cells. It's also the most abundant protein in the body and helps maintain the strength and elasticity of everything from internal organs to nails and hair. After all, our nails and our hair are made up of proteins. As we grow older, our body’s ability to produce this particular key protein decreases and can cause our hair to lose color and vitality. This is where collagen comes into play.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This is one healthy fat that your body doesn’t naturally produce, so it can only come from your diet or supplements. You can find it in supplements such as fish oil or by adding in fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel into your diet for the shiniest hair of your life. 

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This nutrient is what will help your hair follicles grow and repair themselves, as well as prevent hair loss. This is one where both supplements and whole foods such as red meat, leafy greens and lentils serve as good sources of hair-helping minerals.

Vitamin C

Not only does this vitamin work on its own to help your hair be its best, but it also supplements collagen, Vitamin A and beta-carotene to keep your hair as moisturized and shiny as possible. There is an abundance of Vitamin C in countless fruits and veggies, from your standard oranges and grapefruits to tropical guava fruits.  


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