Tired of having itchy earlobes after a workout? If you’ve struggled with sensitive ears, it’s more than time to grab a pair of surgical stainless steel earrings.

“Surgical steel is a hypoallergenic material, meaning it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction,” board-certified dermatologist of My Psoriasis Team, Anna Chacon, told 21Ninety.

Turns out, many people are allergic to nickel. The common element is found in many types of jewelry – including earrings. 

“Surgical steel is often nickel-free or has very low nickel content, making it a safer alternative for those with nickel sensitivities,” the dermatologist explained.

What are the benefits of wearing surgical stainless steel earrings?

Along with its hypoallergenic benefits, Dr. Chacon named a few other major benefits to wearing surgical stainless steel earrings.

With surgical stainless steel earrings you’ll be wearing a durable accessory that can withstand more than a precious metal like gold or silver.

“It is resistant to scratches, rust, and tarnish, making it a long-lasting option for earrings,” the dermatologist said. 

Since the durable metal can withstand some wear-and-tear, it’s also easier to maintain.

“A simple cleaning with mild soap and water is typically enough to keep [surgical stainless steel earrings] looking their best,” Dr. Chacon noted.

Additionally, surgical steel is often less pricey than gold or silver earrings. So, if you like to be bougie-on-a-budget, surgical stainless steel is a great option. Best of all, surgical stainless steel earrings come in a wide variety of styles so that you can have the look of wearing a precious metal without the price or sensitivity.

Hypoallergenic Option

Wssxc’s Hypoallergenic 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Earrings give the look of silver diamond earrings without the luxurious cost. Plus, you get five differently sized studs in one purchase. 

The earring features a glimmering cubic zirconia stone with a traditional butterfly back. Basically, all you have to do is choose which of the four finishes you want.

An Affordable Take

The UHIBROS 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Stud Earrings are a more affordable take on a pearl earring. The set of five earrings comes in five different color options. 

This way you can go for a traditional pearl look, or have an all metal stud. Each of the gold metal finishes are made with 14K gold. All of the options are nickel-free.

Flat Back Studs

YADOCA’s 19Pairs Surgical Steel Flat Back Stud Earrings offers the widest assortment of earrings for under $20. As the name states, you get 19 pairs of earrings. 

There’s the classic pearl and crystal heads. As a matter of fact, you get fun shapes like moons, stars, flowers, and butterflies. You even get three pairs of hoop earrings, too. 

Best of all, each earring with a straight post has a flat back. Futhermore, you can wear your over-the-ear headphones comfortably while you hit the squat rack.

Cartilage Earring

LYLYMIMI’s Surgical Steel Flat Back Stud Cartilage Earrings come in a set of 12. All of which have flat backs. Plus, they’re nickel-free. 

These cartilage earrings are made with a thicker post. You have two post size choices available. And, each pair of earrings is topped with cubic zirconia. Depending on your piercings, keep them as a cartilage-only accessory or wear them in your ear lobes.

Huggie Hoops

The 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Huggie Hoop Earrings by Gabry&jwl is for the workout fan that prefers hoops over studs any day. This particular set gives you four pairs of differently sized earrings. 

They easily slide in you piercing, the close by letting the curved post slide into the hoop itself. This way you avoid the back of the earring poking you in the side of the head. 

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