Let’s get right into things. First, release your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Then, roll your shoulders up and down your back, away from your ears. Lastly, take three deep breaths. Feel a little better? Of course you do. When we are on our personal missions to get where we see ourselves, we can sometimes put so much pressure on ourselves that we barely even take a moment to truly relax. Striving, hustling and achieving, we often fail to recognize the power in ease. Though it may seem counterintuitive, so much can happen when we simply surrender to the flow of our lives instead of trying to impose our will and desires onto it. This doesn’t mean that we put no planning or action into what we want but that we let go of the reins once we’ve made our asks of the Universe. If you haven’t already, think about adding “go with the flow” to your vision board this year. 

And if you need a little more help with letting your hair down, try these things on for size. 

Remember that the story has already been written. 

We are the masters of our fate and have the ability to manifest our true desires but it’s important to remember that, ultimately, what is supposed to happen in your life, will happen no matter what you do. The desires of your heart were knitted there the day you were born and everything you need to make them happen is on the inside of you. Nothing about you needs to change in order to see all the things you want come to fruition. 

Prioritize rest as part of your plan. 

Though we seem to be putting distance between ourselves and the “sleep when you’re dead” way of thinking, there is still a lot of emphasis put on sacrificing essential parts of our lives in exchange for success. Rest can be your secret weapon. Often times when we are revved up and feeling inspired, we try to harness all of the power available to us and hold on to it for dear life. Essentially, what we are telling the Universe is that we don’t think we’ll have this chance again—which isn’t the case. There is endless inspiration and magic available to us and you lose nothing when you take time to let things settle. 

Practice gratitude. 

Gratitude is a great way to remind yourself that you already have what you need and that you are divinely protected and provided for. When we are only thinking of what we do not have and hope to acquire, it can actually put is in a mindset of lack rather than in one of abundance. Make a gratitude list everyday before bed and remember that nothing is too small to not be considered a gift. 

Take time to intentionally breathe and listen to your body. 

Slowing down gives us the great opportunity to truly check in with our bodies. What we may wrongly diagnose as anxiety or depression could simply be exhaustion. And what we may think is your brain feeling stuck could be a sign of a lingering need for human connection. There are so many things that we simply dismiss or learn to live with in an effort to keep going when we should be listening intently to the signs our minds, bodies and souls are sending us. 

Surrender the how and when. 

We go about making plans and goals for our lives and then spend so much time obsessing over the details that we are unable to be present. Whether it’s when we’ll find our ideal partners or when we’ll reach that career goal we’ve been chasing, there are things that we become powerless too. When we don’t see things coming together in the timeline we’ve created, we start to lose hope and begin to doubt our dreams. But if we can be solid in our plans and fluid when it comes to the details, we can harness our joy and live much more fulfilled daily lives. 


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