Being in control of your wellness and health is an unmatched feeling. Many are starting to swap toxic products out and take a closer look the ingredients in their favorite products. Whether it is hormone-disrupting chemicals in personal care or unsafe chemicals in your laundry products, it’s important to look at the items you use.

People are deciding to swap toxic products out of their daily usage and discover non-toxic alternatives.

Swap Plastic Containers For Glass Containers

Opting for glass containers proves to be the healthier option over plastic containers, cups and plates. Plastic release chemicals into food, particularly when the container or food is heated. Choosing glass containers and jars to store heated food is a popular swap for better health.

Swap Non-Stick Cookware For Cast Iron or Stainless Steel

While convenient, low-quality non-stick cookware isn’t as glorious in the grand scheme of prolonged health. Research revealed that low-quality non-stick cookware has teflon and uncoated stainless steel. These things can lead to microplastics and metals in your food. Convenient, low-quality cookware options may also include PFAS, which are referred to as forever chemicals. Swapping them for cast iron or stainless steel cookware will eliminate this and promote better health.

Swap Perfumed Soaps For Castille Soap

Commercial soaps usually contain added fragrances and chemicals for binding or lather, which can be harmful and cause skin irritation. Using natural, plant-based soaps, such as castille soap, will ensure that you’re nourishing your body or hands. It will avoid drying them out with inorganic, synthetic products.

Swap Toxic Menstrual Products For Chemical-Free Menstrual Products

Choosing chemical-free menstrual products ensures that the vagina’s PH balance remains healthy. Research proves that many menstrual products contain forever chemicals that cause a range of reproductive health complications. Swapping out toxic menstrual products for certified organic products is a safer bet. Some brands and products to consider include Here We Flo, Rif Care, Knix period underwear and reusable pads.

Swap Plastic Straws For Metal or Bamboo Straws

When swapping toxic products out it is essential to consider metal and bamboo straws. Plastic straws are wasteful. They contribute to the over-consumption of single-use plastic. Natural materials, like bamboo and metal, are durable. People can also reuse the straws after cleaning.

Swap Toxic Skincare For Clean Skincare

Clean beauty and natural products eliminate the use of toxic chemicals are better for maintaining skin health. It may be better to remove toxic skincare products overloaded with toxic ingredients, such as formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates. Those harmful materials are endocrine disrupting. Swap them for organic, non-toxic products.

Swap Toxic Candles and Air Fresheners For Natural Candles

Everyone loves a good-smelling home, but the price to pay could be toxicity in the air. A study proved that air fresheners contain harmful chemicals for human health. The majority of toxic candles contain carcinogens, which are cancer-causing agents. Swapping commercial, scented candles for natural soy or beeswax candles is the perfect non-toxic choice.

Swap Synthetic Fast Fashion Clothes For Plastic-Free, Natural Fibers

The rise and fall of fast fashion has proved that clothes that are long-lasting, ethical and good for the body and the planet will always be in fashion. Banned PFAS are found certain fashion items and coats, particularly water-resistant items. Opting for natural materials, such as certified organic cotton, linen, hemp and silk, are good swaps for lycra, acrylic, nylon, and polyester clothing.