Now that summer is around the corner, rocking a 40 inch bussdown (in other words a lace front wig that’s 40 inches) is risky. The sweltering heat just might melt the lace. Black women are known for protective styles and what better option to try than some fresh braids. Trends like “knotless goddess braids” are meant for a bohemian, effortless look while peekaboo braids are a fun way to show off some color while still protecting your crown.

Peekaboo Braids are individual braids, usually knotless or box, that highlight a pop of color in a section of the head. The pop of color is often camouflaged by the rest of the braids, usually in a darker color, at the top and sides of the head. Peekaboo braids give the wearer the option to show off the color by pulling some of their braids up revealing the colored braids. The trend became viral on TikTok.

Chicago hair braider, Natasha Mukemu, believes Black women should explore this trend despite societal expectations on Black Hair.

Black Women Are the Originators Of Color

As traveling Black hair stylist, Mukemu enjoys doing peekaboo braids for young Black girls ranging from five to mid twenties. She believes it adds a fun element during the process. Even though she loves a straight black look, she believes the peekaboo braids add more attention and grandeur to a style.

Mukemu says Black women should always be innovative with their hairstyles because Black women have the ability to be original. Mukemu notes hair braiding is designed for Black women. Beauty supply stores display vivid braiding hair. Mukemu says Black women shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of these color options.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Mukemu says Black Women should express themselves in any capacity, especially when it comes to their hair. She feels Black women sometimes limit their hair styles once they get a certain age. However Mukemu advocates for women to explore hair color despite their age. Peekaboo braids are a great opportunity to do that.

She definitely understands professionalism may get in the way of a desired style, however Mukemu believes hair is apart of a Black woman’s identity.

 “Women who are elderly that dye their hair. They’re changing their hair color essentially. What’s wrong with adding red, blue, or anything?” she said. “I feel like you can be creative.”

The Process and Styling Techniques Of Peekaboo Braids

Some Black girls love to be spontaneous and dye a section of their natural hair to match the braiding hair. Even though that method may be efficient to blend the braiding together, Mukemu recommends that stylists practice the “tuck method.” With this braiding method the stylist tucks a client’s naturally colored hair behind the braid hair to essentially disguise the darker hair.

Knotless box braids are not the only style to achieve the peekaboo look. Colored, Fulani braids, best known as Beyonce’s lemonade braids, can transform a simple braided style. She also says passion twists and faux locs can be served as a peekaboo hairstyle. 

Usually the “peekaboo” part of the braids are sectioned off in the back of the head but depending on their “taste” Black women add color throughout the entire hairstyle. Mukemu has previously achieved peekaboo braid style by starting at the center or perimeter of her client’s head.

Peekaboo braids are meant for hair-flipping. Mukemu recommends the “skunk stripe” method of braiding for women who want show off pieces of bright-colored hair. She also advocates for women to style their hair in a braided coif, ponytail, or “half up and half down” for an elegant and spunky look.