Being an interior designer isn’t an easy thing. If we all could have one, we would but since we don’t we’re here to help! Would you like to upscale the look of your home without breaking your budget? Of course you would! All you need are few simple adjustments and strategic styling techniques to make your home Pinterest and Instagram worthy! 

1. Play With Complementary Colors

Colors are essential key elements when decorating and designing your home. So why not dare to be different and Make your spaces stand out by thinking outside the box about color. It can be bold or subtle just play with complementary color combos and make them your own. Get away from the typical colors and try a rosy peach or an impressive purple. 

2. Color blocking

Nothing more fun than color blocking! You can color block with different and bold colors or you can switch it up or you can mix it up with different hues within the same color family. When it's done right, it makes a major impact with a lasting artistic impression. 

3. Fresh Flowers

Did you know that fresh flowers improve people's mood and maintain a relaxed atmosphere? Some flowers can actually help to remove harmful toxins from the air! So why not incorporate fresh flowers into your interior design? Fresh flowers add a finishing touch to any room. Visually, they add a layer of color that can act as a pop to brighten a room or match other colors in the space as a way of pulling everything together.

4. Ceiling to Floor Drapes

If possible always hang your curtains from the very top of your wall even if the window itself doesn't go up that high. Hanging curtains from the highest possible point draws attention to the height of the space, a move that adds instant drama to your design. Everyone loves eye-catching curtains just make sure you get up there and clean off the dust every now and then!

5. Painting Door Trim

Let’s add an element of surprise by painting your door trim. You can give your space an artsy and sophisticated look. Painting the trim of your doorways creates a dynamic entrance while giving you a subtle and unexpected way to bring color home.

6. Balance your lighting

Stop relying solely on overhead lighting, let’s get with the times and spread out lamps around your room to make it feel upscale. Try adding a lamp on our foyer chest to give the space a welcoming ambience, especially in the dark, winter months. 

7. Declutter

Last but not least, declutter! A few coffee table books and mantelpieces are good but don’t over do it! Too much stuff can look cheap and chaotic. Go for a look that feels elevated and classic.