Target has continued to win our hearts and wallets over this year with their black-owned lipstick line, The Lip Bar and their $7 beauty boxes. In a recent announcement, Target is now also adding eight new and very diverse cosmetic brands to their lineup and we couldn't be more excited. The addition will be available both online and in-store and it is offering 150 products that are for those with medium to dark skin, as well as eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlighters and over 60 shades of foundation.

Target ensured that the brands and products they were adding into their lineup were the right ones — black-owned, diverse and inclusive. The eight that made the cut were Coloured Raine, EveryHue Beauty, Haleys, Hue Noir, Reina Rebelde, The Lip Bar, and Violet Voss.

Christina Hennington, the Target senior vice president of beauty and essentials, shared with Glamour that Target will also be working closely with each of the brands to ensure that the brands will thrive in the stores and on the website. They will be starting off the brands' exposure by dolling out a limited amount of products so the demand isn’t harmful to the brands. 

Target has continuously had brands that are suited for a multicultural audience. The newest additions continue to prove the commitment the retailer has to be more inclusive in their offerings. Target’s senior beauty buyer shared with Glamour that the products will be featured at the ends of beauty isles, which gives the brand a stronger chance to be seen by shoppers.

Target is also ensuring that while they’re being diverse and inclusive, they’re also remaining accessible. Many of the brands that carry large shade ranges tend to have foundations that can run a customer between $30-$45, while the aforementioned brands’ products will cost between $10-$25.

"Social media is holding the industry to task and saying diversity is a need," said EveryHue Beauty cofounder Gizelle Bryant during an inclusivity panel held by Target in Manhattan.

The response has been positive to the newest additions. Personally, we’re getting ready to restock our vanities!