In television shows, auntie energy is marked by independence and freedom.

These women often are childfree, unmarried, well-educated and successful in their profession. Each character that falls under the archetype dismantles pre-existing stereotypes of womanhood. Among Black women, there’s always been love for the rich auntie energy.

The auntie archetype has inspired Black women across generations to live life on their own terms and boldly go against tradition. The on-screen depictions teach women how to be unafraid of creating an unconventional life that serves them. Here are a few television characters who gave auntie energy, inspiring many on their own journeys.

Aunt Helen on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Actress Jennifer Lewis has a wide spanning career with a multitude of iconic roles. One of most beloved roles for her was playing Aunt Helen on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” from 1990 to 1996. Lewis served up all the style, flair and sassy one-liners. She was the aunt that audiences loved, and she embodied the freedom and independence of the ideal auntie energy.

Toni Childs on “Girlfriends”

Toni Child is educated, wealthy and independent. However, people oftentimes consider her self-centered. Played by actress Jill Marie Jones, Toni is a real-estate agent who eventually opens her own brokerage. She is the self-proclaimed “cute one” in the friend group, who gives auntie energy as she is rich financially and in her sense of self.

Kelli Prenny on “Insecure”

Always quick with a comeback, Kelli Prenny is the party friend who evolves into a wiser version of herself. She brings joy to her college friend group, as they navigate their late 20s and early 30s in Los Angeles. Kelli exudes auntie energy through her financial independence and success in her career as an accountant. She is also determined to be best friends with all of her friend’s moms, and is the godmom to Tiffany’s daughter.

Khadijah James on ‘Living Single’

Focused and driven, Khadijah James is the editor and publisher of the fictional urban independent magazine Flavor. Played by Queen Latifah, Khadijah is the core of her friend group. She is the hardworking, reliable friend who gives auntie energy as her friends navigate marriages, breakups and kids. 

Hazel Rachelle on ‘First Wives Club’

Hazel Rachelle is the fun-loving, over-the-top, rich auntie. In “First Wives Club,” she and her two best friends, Ari and Bree, reunite. Her friends surround her as she navigates a public divorce. Hazel is independent and knows what she wants. She prioritizes her own happiness and financial freedom over everything.