Nothing is worse than an outing that requires long hours of standing or dancing, and yet you’ve decided to wear your most uncomfortable shoes. While some shoes may be worth the pain, the blisters and bleeding that your feet endure for a cute Instagram picture just aren’t worth it. It’s time to get going out shoes that don’t compromise your comfort levels.

How To Shop for Cute and Comfortable Shoes?

For years, many women had to sacrifice cute shoes for comfy ones, or vice versa. Luckily, that’s no longer an issue! However, its important to know what to look for in order to get the best possible pair for you. Always make sure your shoe choice has support and a wide-style silhouette. A lot of trendy shoes these days also have a lot of straps, hooks, and belts that are sure to make you feel uncomfortable and will have you barefoot by the end of the night. In terms of comfort, it’s safe to skip that.

Best Flower Heel

Floral Girl Heeled Sandals

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Fashion Nova

Spring has sprung, and there’s nothing cuter than wearing an actual flower on your heels. While florals for spring are always predictable, the idea of wearing 3D flower molds on your shoes is making a revival since its first occurrence in the early aughts. Not only is this a new way to feminize your shoes, but it’s perfect for outfits where you need a statement piece.

Best Kitten Heel

Charles and Keith Leather Kitten-Heel Pumps

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Charles & Keith

Kitten heels are all the rage right now, as we’ve entered the renaissance of the “sexy businesswoman” and office siren who also ventures out at night right after work. Pointed kitten heels are also trending because they offer low-maintenance and comfortable shoes that give the look and appeal of regular high heels under jeans.

Best Sandal Heel

Tori Kitten Heel Sandal

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Charles & Keith

There’s nothing that says summer is here like white toes peeking out of a heel sandal. Whether you’re at the beach or not, the Tori Kitten Heel Sandal is the perfect shoe that strikes a balance between style and comfort. It plays into the season of resort wear, becoming a staple in your wardrobe.

Best Cowboy Boot

Arromic Tall Pointed Toe Embroidered Cowboy Boots

Thanks to Beyoncé, it has been normalized to wear cowboy boots in the club. Whether they’re a modern rendition of the classic boot or fully Western, these are sure to be comfortable as they offer full support while channeling Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter era.

Best Sneaker

Nike Air Kukini SE

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Nike

In order to get away with wearing sneakers to your outing, they have to be artful enough to stand on their own. These Nike Air Kukini SE not only have a unique colorway but also feature a design and texture that make them stand out.

Best Loafer

Sam Eldelman Kasey Square Ballet Flat

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Amazon

Not only is the Kasey Pump a shorter heel with a narrower fit, but it’s also a leather shoe, which is a step up from the average everyday shoe.

Best Wide Fit Shoe

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Strut slingback kitten heeled shoes

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Asos

It’s one thing for a shoe to be cute and comfortable, but it should also be inclusive. This wide-fit shoe is perfect for anyone who struggles to slip into standard-sized shoes but still wants to stay on trend. These silver reflective shoes not only throw it back to the Renaissance era, but they’re also pointed, which is extremely popular right now.

Best Designer Shoe

MANOLO BLAHNIK Maysli Suede Buckle Halter Pumps

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

There are few things you have to say about a Manolo Blahnik shoe — they speak for themselves. Carrie Bradshaw said it best: these are rare shoes. But they are worth it. While they may not be the most comfortable shoes, they are perfect for the occasion if you’re looking to add a classic and feminine touch to your outfit.

Best Ankle Boot

ALOHAS South Leather Ankle Boot

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Revolve

The ALOHAS South Leather Ankle Boot should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Made for uber comfort and versatile style, while also being seasonless, ankle boots should be your most grabbed pair when it comes to a night out.

Best Strappy Heel

Camper Kobarah Brown unisex sandal

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Nordstrom

Puffy and cloud-textured accessories have been all the rage ever since the big red boots. And yet, the Camper Kobarah Brown unisex sandal is a lot less loud than those boots. This is your perfect fix for the uncomfortable feeling of strappy shoes that grab and burn your feet. Not only that, but they add an extremely playful element to your outfit that doesn’t take going out too seriously.