Chlöe and Halle Bailey, commonly known as their sister-duo alias Chlöe x Halle, are triple threats that have dominated the runway, stage and our fashion-forward Pinterest boards. Whether they're sporting neutral colors or a glamorous gown, the dynamic duo is known for their incredibly coordinated outfits, regardless of the event. From award show performances to brand collaborations, here's seven outfits that prove that the Bailey sisters are both talented and fashionable.

MTV VMAs and Met Gala swap

We couldn’t expect anything more fashionable and sisterly from them! Chlöe x Halle swapped colors between the back-to-back events in New York last weekend. For the MTV Video Music Awards, Chlöe made her debut as a solo artist while wearing a pink one-piece, and Halle wore a stunning white dress. The following day, the duo swapped colors and wore complementary pink and white Rodarte designs on the Met Gala carpet, and we loved seeing them walk hand-in-hand as they graciously attended the high-fashion event.

New York Fashion Week 

Following their reunion after Halle finished shooting The Little Mermaid in Europe, the sister duo made an appearance at this year’s New York Fashion Week. During the Bulgari event, the talented two performed, but their outfits were equally as stunning as their live performance. In coordinating gowns with diamond accents, the award-winning singers both wore diamonds in their locs, but Chlöe sported an updo as Halle had her hair down. 

Fendi Fall 2020 Collection 

For last summer’s collaboration with Fendi for their #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign, the multi-hyphenates were ambassadors for the series alongside Iris Law and Kim Kardashian. While serving as both creative directors and models, the pair shot their campaign photos in their backyard’s tennis court and pool. Between coordinating houndstooth blazers and electrifying sheer maxi dresses, we can’t choose a favorite when it comes to these photos. 

People’s Choice Awards

The pair’s catsuits at the 2020 People’s Choice Awards quickly won our hearts as one of their most futuristic fits. Although the breathtaking looks are seemingly identical, their outfits differed on their exposed thongs and V necks. This fit was an excellent choice for the girls’ performance of Ungodly Hour that evening.

Teen Vogue 2020

For their drone-recorded photoshoot, wearing zebra print and shimmery pastel fits for this shoot was the icing on the cake with an interview by Teen Vogue. The portraits of the girls on their tennis court proved that they’re photogenic in any setting, and the duo’s AREA outfits stole the show.

Jimmy Kimmel Live 

For their mesmerizing live performance of “Do It,” Chlöe x Halle donned all-red caped outfits that matched Halle’s red guitar and Chlöe’s mixing board. Styled by their frequent stylist Zerina Akers, the devilishly-good look was designed by Delia Alleyne. 

VMAs 2020 

It wouldn't be a roundup if we didn’t include the sisters’ looks for the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. The Sho Konishi-designed outfits immediately caught the attention of viewers as the girls donned the metallic bodysuits with matching thigh high boots and headpieces.

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