Nail art stands as a testament to endless innovation and imagination. Continuously making waves in the beauty realm is the duck nail trend. This fresh style, marked by its distinctive flared tips mirroring a duck’s bill, has caught the eye and the adoration of beauty enthusiasts from every corner of the world. As nail wearers seek unique ways to express themselves, this bold and audacious design offers a novel avenue to make a statement.

Initially, many viewed duck nails with skepticism. Yet, like most daring fashion statements, it gained traction as influencers and celebrities like Cardi B embraced it. Social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok, played pivotal roles in popularizing this style. Scrolling through any beauty hashtag, you’ll likely spot many duck nail designs.

Nail technicians, always up for a challenge, have transformed the basic duck nail shape into a canvas for unparalleled creativity. Gone are the days of simple flare tips. Today’s designs feature intricate patterns, bold color gradients, and 3D embellishments.

21Ninety has rounded up the five best duck nail styles this year.

Best Duck Nails Style of 2023

Kawaii Nails

Credit: @pinksartistry/TikTok

Kawaii, a Japanese term signifying “cute,” has seamlessly fused with the world of nail art to give birth to “kawaii duck nails.” This design takes the signature flared tips of the duck nail trend and elevates them with a delightful dose of cuteness. Imagine pastel hues, miniature bows, tiny duck illustrations, and shimmering rhinestones gracing these nails. Perfect for those who adore an amalgamation of whimsy and fashion-forward flair, kawaii duck nails are an irresistible choice for nail enthusiasts looking to make a playful statement.

Hello Kitty Nails

Credit: @jayylovesnails/TikTok

Hello Kitty, an iconic symbol of cuteness and innocence, has found its way into the ever-evolving world of nail art with the “Hello Kitty duck nails.” Merging the distinct flared tips of duck nails with the beloved imagery of Hello Kitty, this design offers a fresh and delightful twist. With these nails, enthusiasts can showcase adorable Hello Kitty decals, bows, and hearts in soft pink and white palettes. It’s a fusion that perfectly encapsulates youthful charm and avant-garde design, making it a must-try for fans of this endearing character.

And yes, your Hello Kitty nails can also be apart of the Kawaii nails category.

Extra Long Duck Nails

Credit: @wholelottanails/TikTok

Extra-long duck nails take the dramatic flair of the duck nail trend to new heights. Their extended canvas allows even more intricate designs, from bold color gradients to elaborate artistry. While they may challenge everyday practicality, their undeniable allure draws those who wish to make a grand beauty statement. Perfect for special events or moments when one wants to truly stand out, extra-long duck nails are redefining audacious elegance in nail fashion.

Pink Duck Nails

Credit: @nailth0t/TikTik

Pink duck nails infuse the playful and distinctive shape of the duck nail trend with a dose of timeless femininity. The flared tips are adorned in shades of pink, ranging from subtle blushes to bold magentas. Pink is the perfect backdrop, whether a soft pastel hue for a delicate look or a vibrant neon for a more audacious statement. This style captures the essence of girlish charm and contemporary flair, making pink duck nails a delightful choice for those wanting to embrace elegance and trendiness in their nail art.

Short Duck Nais


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Credit: @nailsby_lenee/TikTok

Short duck nails offer a more subdued and practical take on the popular duck nail trend. While retaining the characteristic flared tips reminiscent of a duck’s bill, these nails are trimmed to a shorter, more manageable length. This style is perfect for individuals who love the unique shape but need to maintain functionality for daily tasks. The compact canvas still allows for various designs, from muted tones to intricate patterns. Short duck nails prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience, blending the best of both worlds in nail fashion.