It's around this time of year that we should all begin brainstorming about what to get mom this Mother's day. But how do you even make a mom-themed gift guide? Some moms are in their 20s. Some moms are in their 50s. Some moms like to cook. Some moms want to drink. Coming up with the best gifts for mom can seem like a daunting task, but I've attempted to take out some of the leg work for you. Below, you can find gifts for several dozen specific mom archetypes that I hope will at least spark some creativity for us all this mother's day.

Personalized Pick: Handwritten Bracelet

This super sentimental gift is almost sure to make mom cry on her special day. This Etsy artist takes a handwritten note and transforms it into a keepsake bracelet she can wear every day.

For the mom who always wants pics of her grandkids

Highlight the year's best memories with this heart-shaped collage from Minted. Mom will want to hang it immediately, right after she's done crying and reminiscing of course.

For the coffee-drinking mom who’s retro

Any moms out there that still love a traditional cup of coffee over a brewed K cup?

Brewing coffee manually has some exciting benefits, like focus, clarity and enjoying a delicious brew that is crafted by hand.

For the mom who’s always asking for a foot rub

For all the moms who prefer a foot-spa situation, try this foot spa that soaks away tension with hydro automatic underwater rollers combined with invigorating air bubbles to soothe and pamper feet all day long.

For the candle-loving mom

This keepsake comes with a hammered copper lid, warm glow and natural finish, all wrapped with a personalized message for mom. This candle is sure to brighten up any home.

For the mom who likes to journal

One Question a Day for Moms: Daily Reflections on Motherhood: A Five-Year Journal

This multi-year journal encourages mothers everywhere to take a moment to themselves each day and answer simple questions about their thoughts and musings. Subjects range from big and small to silly, giving Mom the opportunity to share her thoughts about her life, interests, hobbies, etc.

For the mom who wants her home to smell like a spa

This spiraled aromatherapy diffuser looks sleeker than some of its bamboo counterparts has a 6-hour continuous operation and has an automatic safety shut off. What more could a busy mom want?

For the mom who likes her Pinot Grigio chilled

What is something that is both classy and adds a little French flair to the countertop? This marble wine cooler uses its marble properties to help naturally keep wine fresh and cool.

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