Understanding Specialty Bras and Sizing

Specialty bras address personalized concerns like size, shape, and medical conditions. When talking about plus-size specialty bras, they cater to individuals requiring larger sizes for a comfortable and supportive fit. Generally, bras with band sizes above 40 and cup sizes above D fit the category of plus-size specialty bras.

It’s essential to consider factors beyond cup and band size, such as bra structure, strap width, and seam placement, for optimal support. Plus-size specialty bras often feature wider bands, reinforced underwires, and broader shoulder straps to distribute weight evenly and reduce discomfort.

21Ninety has rounded up five brands that carry plus-size specialty bras.

5 Brands that Carry Plus-Size Specialty Bras

Lane Bryant

Specialty bras cater to specific needs, providing optimal comfort and support for individuals with unique requirements. Therefore, finding plus-size specialty bras is crucial for comfort and confidence.

Known for its commitment to inclusivity, Lane Bryant offers an extensive range of plus-size specialty bras. Their Cacique line caters to diverse sizes, providing options that prioritize style and support. With various styles, from t-shirt bras to sports bras, Lane Bryant ensures that plus-size individuals have choices that suit their needs.


Elomi specializes in bras for fuller figures, offering a wide array of styles and designs. Renowned for their attention to detail, Elomi bras feature supportive structures and comfortable fabrics. Also, their bras go beyond basic functionality, embracing fashion-forward designs without compromising fit or support.


Glamorise focuses on creating bras that prioritize comfort and support for plus-size individuals. With a commitment to innovative design, their bras feature unique elements like adjustable front closures and moisture-wicking fabrics. Glamorise aims to redefine expectations for plus-size lingerie with thoughtfully crafted options.


Playtex has long been a staple in the lingerie industry, and its plus-size offerings maintain the brand’s reputation for quality. From wire-free bras to minimizers, Playtex provides a range of options for individuals seeking plus-size specialty bras. Their bras are known for combining practicality with a touch of elegance.


Catering specifically to larger cup sizes, Goddess is a brand that provides plus-size individuals with bras that offer the right balance of support and style. With reinforced cups and wide bands, Goddess bras ensure a secure fit without compromising comfort.

Finding the best plus-size specialty bras is more than just size; it’s about comfort, support, and confidence. With brands like Lane Bryant, Elomi, Glamorise, Playtex, and Goddess leading the way, individuals with fuller figures can choose from various styles that suit their preferences and needs. Embracing the right plus-size specialty bra can make a significant difference in both physical comfort and self-assurance.