Whether from injury, age, or health conditions, bad knees can pose challenges in many areas of life including intimacy. Sex with a partner should be a source of joy, not discomfort. Fortunately, with some adjustments and a bit of creativity, it’s possible to maintain a fulfilling, intimate life. For those wrestling with knee pain, the key lies in finding sex positions that prioritize comfort without compromising intimacy.

Here are five positions tailored to accommodate your bad knees and keep the flames burning in the bedroom.

Top Sex Positions for Bad Knees

Spoon Position

Spooning is a timeless position that perfectly marries comfort and closeness. Both partners lie side-by-side, with one nestled behind the other. The rear partner can initiate intimacy without pressure on either person’s knees. This side-lying position promotes a deep emotional connection, as partners can easily caress, kiss, and communicate.


Another position that offers face-to-face intimacy without knee strain is the side-by-side stance. Here, both partners lie facing each other, intertwining their legs to find the right angle for connection. Adjustments might be necessary, but the direct eye contact and the ability to embrace make this position both comfortable and deeply intimate.

Seated Embrace

Utilizing sturdy furniture can lead to surprising benefits for those with bad knees. In the seated embrace, one partner sits on a chair or the bed’s edge while the other straddles them, either facing toward or away. This position transfers the emphasis away from the knees, as most support comes from the hips and core. The seated alignment offers both partners a change in perspective and an opportunity for deep connection.

Edge of the Bed Alignment

The bed’s edge can be a strategic spot for minimizing knee strain. One partner reclines on the bed, legs draped slightly over the edge, while the other stands to match their height. By doing so, neither partner needs to exert pressure on their knees, allowing both to focus solely on the moment and each other.

Flat Doggy Modification

While the traditional doggy style might not be knee-friendly, a slight tweak makes it accessible. The receiving partner lies flat, possibly with a cushion under the hips for a gentle elevation, while the other partner stretches out on top. In this alignment, the weight is distributed evenly, avoiding pressure points on the knees and offering a relaxed way to enjoy intimacy.

Sex with bad knees requires creativity, patience, and open communication. By embracing these tailored positions, couples can find comfort without sacrificing connection. Remember, physical limitations can often pave the way for discovering new depths in a relationship, ensuring that intimacy remains a joyful, shared experience.