Winter hoodies are popping up all over our timeline now that winter is in full swing. 

How Different Regions Experience Winter

As fall fades to winter, the weather around the United States starts to change. From sunny beaches in California to blizzards over the Midwest, each region of America has its own experiences winter in a different way.

For example, in the West, coastal areas may experience mild temperatures during this season with occasional rain showers. 

Up North, the weather becomes more intense as temperatures drop and lake effect snow increases. Minnesota and Wisconsin are two of the coldest places in the US where temperatures can reach below zero with wind chill!

The Midwest is no stranger to blizzards, , making it important for residents to be prepared. 

And in many parts of the South, winter weather can be pretty mild at times, however freezing rain is possible and temperatures may drop below zero in some areas. 

Why Winter Hoodies are a Fashion Staple

No matter which region you reside in, preparing for the temperature change is important. And the best way to do that is by bundling up in warm clothing. 

Winter hoodies are a popular choice for keeping warm in the winter. Whether engaging in a snowball fight or lounging around the house, a hoodie is helpful for keeping warm during chilly temperatures. 

Quality hoodies are made from materials that insulate your body heat and prevent it from escaping, making them ideal for surviving even the coldest days. The hood also offers extra protection by trapping in additional warmth around your head and neck.

Winter hoodies are also designed to be durable, so you can expect your favorite hoodie to last for many winters. The materials used in their construction usually feature a blend of synthetic fibers that resist wear and tear, making them ideal if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors in the colder months. 

Plus, winter hoodies are fashionable. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can easily find one that fits your aesthetic. Whether you prefer classic or modern designs, you can certainly find what you need.

7 Winter Hoodies To Add to Your Wardrobe

Winter is a great time to break out the hoodies. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but they can also provide an extra layer of warmth on those chilly days. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to know which hoodies are the best. To help, here are some of our favorites: 


TAFT – “Take Care” Hoodie

TAFT 'Take Care' Hoodie
Photo Credit: TAFT

Featuring a kind reminder to “Take Care of Yourself,” emblazoned in gold on the back, this winter hoodie is a great gift for the self-care enthusiast.

This “Take Care” Hoodie from TAFT is made from 100% cotton for soft yet durable wear. It is also available in multiple colors, and has a modern, slim fit that looks great on men and women. 

Did we mention that the company is all about promoting positive mental health in the community? Because the hoodie is part of their Mental Health Collection, TAFT is donating 10% of its proceeds to Made of Millions and Mental Health America.


DIDK – Butterfly Embroidery Drawstring Hoodie

DIDK Butterfly Embroidery Drawstring Hoodie
Photo Credit: DIDK via Amazon

The Butterfly Embroidery Drawstring Hoodie from DIDK is a cute and casual winter hoodie to wear this season. It features an adorable embroidered butterfly that evokes a retro flair. And aside from its range of vivid colors, it also comes in tie-dye patterns for an even more vintage style.

This hoodie is made from quality polyester fabric, so not only is it soft and cushiony, it can also keep you warm and toasty all day and night. 

Even better, it includes a convenient pullover detail so you can easily slip it on and off when necessary. And its two kangaroo pockets are great for keeping your hands warm from the cold.



MELANIN IS LIFE "Unapologetic" Hoodie

Embrace your culture with this “UNAPOLOGETIC” Hoodie from Black-owned apparel company Melanin Is Life. Made from a quality blend of pre-shrunk cotton and polyester, this winter hoodie provides an extremely comfortable wear.

Each hoodie features a front pouch pocket for storing your keys or lip balm. And its rib knit cuffs and waistband ensure a snug fit for every frame.

This winter hoodie is also available in four colors, so you can mix and match it with any outfit, from joggers to denim skirts. And its double-lined hood includes a matching drawstring to help better insulate your head and neck.


SweatyRocks – Color Block Long Sleeve Fleece Hoodie

SweatyRocks Color Block Long Sleeve Fleece Hoodie
Photo Credit: SweatyRocks via Amazon

The SweatyRocks ColorBlock Long-Sleeved Fleece Hoodie helps give you a warm and snuggly effect. And its relaxed fit makes it comfortable to wear all day, no matter the activity.

SweatyRocks Color Block Long Sleeve Fleece Hoodie
Photo Credit: SweatyRocks via Amazon

As its name suggests, this hoodie includes a color-blocking detail featuring three colors. Not to mention, its two front pockets with button detailing are the perfect way to store your belongings in style. And because this fleece hoodie is available in multiple colors, you can find one to suit any look.


America Hates Us – Believe Women (Zip Hoody)

AHUS 'Believe Women' Hoodie
Photo Credit: AmericaHates.Us

Sexual assault is a heinous and traumatic crime that can leave victims feeling powerless and vulnerable. Reporting the crime to authorities can be daunting for survivors, as their stories are often not taken seriously.

Additionally, sexual assault victims often experience shame, guilt, and embarrassment, which can discourage them from coming forward. Victims may also fear that if they report the crime, it could have a negative impact on their community or family, or even bring up painful memories for themselves.

This Believe Women (Zip Hoody) from America Hates Us was created “to obliterate the patriarchal standard that creates a deterrent for women to report attacks against them.”

It features a zippered front to be adjusted depending on the weather. And its black and white design means that you can wear it with virtually anything.


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