Blavity’s CEO Morgan DeBaun has launched a new podcast called “The Journey.” It is an interview-style show where DeBaun covers a wide range of topics, including women and wellness.

As a serial entrepreneur, DeBaun has what it takes to host impactful conversations. She has been recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30 and America’s Top 50 Women in Tech lists. She completed her first M&A deal at 27 years old. Since then, she grew to be one of the few self-made female moguls in the media industry. Along with her success and achievements, DeBaun is often praised for her authenticity and honesty. Now, the founder and CEO is sharing her insights with listeners through her podcast.

About The Podcast

“The Journey” will focus on conversations with purpose-driven individuals who strive to live their best lives. DeBaun will sit down with guests who are on their own specific journeys to fulfillment, growth and self-discovery. Some of the guests include Emmy-nominated actors, athletes, doulas, viral social media stars and sustainability experts.

The podcast’s first episode will focus solely on DeBaun. The introductory episode, entitled “My Journey from St. Louis to Silicon Valley & Beyond,” will show a side of the her that many have not seen before. The entrepreneur will share her backstory growing up in St. Louis and how her upbringing led to her founding Blavity. Listeners will learn how Debaun’s experiences from childhood to the present day have shaped her career and personal life.

DeBaun also will touch on her experiences working in Silicon Valley. During the first episode, she will explain how the lessons she learned taught her to build company culture but also forced her to shrink herself. Listeners will hear how DeBaun had to unlearn the male founder prototype to show up in her business as herself.

To conclude the first episode, she will open up about the first four years she spent building the company and how the pandemic changed her as a boss.

In episode two, DeBaun will welcome Deepica Mutyala. The Founder & CEO of Live Tinted will discuss balancing business and personal life with DeBaun. Deepica has built her brand on a mission to champion multicultural beauty. Her viral YouTube video in 2015, showcasing a beauty hack using red lipstick to cover dark under eye circles, catapulted her to the forefront of the industry with over 10 million views.

Both episode one and two of “The Journey,” are out now everywhere podcasts are distributed.