Why is women's health considered such a taboo subject to talk about? As women, we have to learn how to extend grace to ourselves and our bodies more often than we actually do. Just take it from the ladies of the Red Table Talk. In this week's episode, they tackle this issue head-on with an open dialogue about feminine health, womb care, wellness, and how women need to start putting themselves and their health first. After taking part in a yoni steaming, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow, and Gammy – alongside holistic health practitioner and wellness coach Queen Afua – all sat down for a roundtable discussion to discuss all about the vagina.

According to Queen Afua – also the author of "Overcoming an Angry Vagina: Journey to Womb Wellness" – the key to our health is our yoni and her own life's journey is what led her to that discovery. "I was sick and living an All-American toxic diet. Everything toxic I was consuming," Queen Afua shared of her younger days. "I had chronic allergies, asthma, hay fever, bed-ridden PMS, headaches, mood swings, and I had moments of depression. I was scared to death." She revealed that after so much suffering, she decided to make a change and attend a wellness retreat that changed her life for the better.

"I went on a healing retreat, and in 24 hours, my life shifted into a plant-based lifestyle," she said. "I went home a new person." After that transformative weekend, she shared that all her ailments disappeared and called the turn of events "a miracle."

Her biggest piece of advice for the ladies was that tapping into our wombs is what helps us have healthy relationships with ourselves. According to her, the average woman is suffering in silence and suppressing her pain from working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of their families, etc. The best thing we can do in those situations is indulge in a little self-care and self-reflection to prioritize womb wellness.

Queen Afua then proceeded to tell the ladies that all women should ask themselves three key questions for their vaginas:

1. If your vagina could speak, what would she say?

2. What is your vagina feeling?

3. Is your vagina happy or angry?

Jada responded to the second query saying, "I've been on a very deep healing, and I think she's grateful for that. She's been very good to me because she's been a vessel for [Willow] and my other treasure, Jaden. So I think now just coming to a space in my life and making that connection where we haven't had [it] before."

Like most women, we don't think to stop and ponder these thoughts because we're too busy caring for everyone else; we forget to take care of ourselves too. "We don't realize as women how much we take in, even stuff that's not ours," Jada added. In order to get to a space of healing, we as women need to subscribe to affirmations like, "we are good enough, we are worthy, and we are healing together." 

There's no shame in being selfish about our wellness because that's the only way we can really begin to put ourselves first. "We can't have any guilt about life because [we need] all life's lessons," Queen Afua said. "And if you get through those lessons, you get the blessings. Every little change that you make, you're one step closer to your wellness."

Cleansing our bodies and abstaining from harmful habits is the first step towards letting go and gaining clarity within our lives. Acts of self-care and self-love go a long way, and that is the beauty of our healing journeys. If you let Queen Afua tell it, it's simply the way of the woman.

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