Self-care isn't about material things, it's a state of mind. But certain moments can feel even more special with the right combination of essential oils, luxurious butters and scents of relaxation. Latham Thomas, wellness maven, beloved doula and founder of Mama Glow, has put together a product line that's the perfect compantion to your self-care practices. She created a collection of five products for women (moms, single ladies, kids — anyone can use this line!) that come with a Ritual Guide to Glow Time booklet too with suggestions on how to use the products and some new self-care rituals to indulge in.

“I am a lover of all things beauty and enjoy taking time to slow down and nurture myself," Thomas says, "It’s essential. I am always recommending the best that green beauty has to offer, so it was time to create a self-care line that embodies all that I want women to experience. It’s all about mothering yourself first.”  

Thomas defines her own self-care time as "Glow Time," a time to slow down and make a ritual out of her beauty and wellness practices. Through her glow-time, she's achieved personal growth, business success and a strong sense of self-love.

The Mama Glow essential self-care line has a luxurious and signature scent, made from a proprietary essential oil blend. Because she's from the west, she included oils and scents from desert plants that have extreme resilience and potency. And one of the key ingredients in all of the products is rose, which symbolizes love and peace. Rose is anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, calms eczema and psoriasis, provides plenty of vitamn C and overall results in healthy, vibrant, glowing skin.

You can grab bath botanicals, body polish, body cream, love butter, radiant body oil and different scents for a sampling or full sizes of all five products. Check out these products that represent love and health and wellness here, and get into your own glow time.