All hail the Queen! For far too long, everyone else has gotten to tell the story of Kimberly Denise Jones except for her, but that ends now. This week Lil' Kim announced she is releasing a memoir about the highs and lows of being rap's long-reigning Queen. From her humble beginnings in Brooklyn to her well-storied affair with Biggie Smalls and her rise to international superstardom, The Queen Bee is said to be what Lil' Kim fans have been waiting on. 

At the height of her career, she was, at once, celebrated and ridiculed for her raunchy, street persona and sexuality that oozed through every rhyme, but her influence on today's rap girls is unparalleled. Her style is often imitated and, yet, never duplicated. It was always clear that Lil' Kim was not a character. It was completely her, and that's why we could never get enough of the 5'0 lyrical assassin. 

"Lil' Kim not only blazed trails for women in hip-hop but also inspired the careers of those who followed," reads the book's press release. "However, life at the top hasn't been easy, either. Lil' Kim also talks about the hidden moments of her reign: her complicated high-profile relationships, the misogynistic industry she fought to change through sex positivity, the challenging double standards of self-image and beauty in the spotlight, and the momentous act of loyalty that ultimately landed her in prison."

With so many of hip hop's pioneers leaving us too soon, it's refreshing to see one of the undisputed rap legends get to own her narrative. "I'm excited to finally get to tell my story after all this time," Lil' Kim told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. "Many people have thought they knew the story of Lil' Kim, but they have no idea." When the book hits shelves in November, Lil' Kim will become one of only a handful of female rappers to release a memoir. Here's to hoping more of them will follow suit so that we can understand the perseverance it takes to rule in a male-dominated industry. The girls need the inspiration!

So are you ready to bumble with the bee, huh? 

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