And just when we thought the 21-year-old's hot summer body is a result of her young age, the singer took to Instagram a week ago showing off her post-workout bod after an intense Hot Yoga class, and all we can say is wow. 

Since Halle and Chloe created separate Instagram accounts back in January, the dynamic duo have been on a roll by expressing their own individual personalities and rockstar personas. They shared the announcement on Instagram a few months ago, while informing fans they will continue their weekly social media videos entitled, “Tea Time.” 

Halle’s hot yoga body is also a result of her extremely healthy diet. From avocado toast to watermelon, apples, and grapes, the singer/songwriter has her fair share of balancing a healthy body as well as a healthy mind and soul. 

Halle was seen on Instagram post-workout in an Ethika bra and spandex set with a trusty white bandana- The ultimate cute ‘go-to’ for an intense summer workout. 

Alongside Halle’s sexy post from a few days ago, she’s also posted a plethora of other photos that show off her insanely fit body. Whether she’s gracing the public eye in an all-red workout fit, or is posted up an island wearing a neon yellow cover-up and a sexy bathing suit, Halle is the epitome of why working out helps boost our confidence, inner self-esteem, and overall body positivity. 

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