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Of the many shifts happening around us, the world of fashion boasts some of the most subtle, yet important points of growth and transformation. Simply put: when it comes to getting dressed, our collective tastes are in flux.  Power suits and business casual have been replaced by pieces that put comfort first, but being able to “dress them up” is important. The rules about who can wear what are being rewritten every day.

Leading the charge of this fashion evolution are women-owned small businesses making a name for themselves while reimagining what a luxury, urban wear and even sportswear brand can be. For the second year in a row, the She’s Next in Fashion, Empowered by Visa program has put us on to a few that should definitely be on your radar.

Eugene Taylor

Launching a fashion brand in your grandmother’s namesake already makes a statement. Designer Letesha Renee took her small business, Eugene Taylor, a step further by crafting a genderless line. To be clear: that doesn’t mean that the brand’s collections are androgynous. From the poolside loungewear and two-pieces of the ETB Swim collection to the elevated, edgy “EVERYTHING’S BETTER WHEN IT’S BLACK” collection, every item on the Eugene Taylor website is presented as an option for any and every person who would like to put it on.


Have you ever seen an out-of-this-world runway look and hoped a more pret-a-porter version existed? That is Monzalpur in a nutshell: the perfect marriage between runway and real-world. After graduating with a degree in biochemistry, Sudanese-born and Abu Dhabi-raised, Mona Hamid tapped into her family’s roots and made a hard pivot towards fashion. Her family had been involved in custom evening wear when she was younger, but after having relocated to Brooklyn, Mona’s aesthetic was a little less straightforward. Monzalpur is the manifestation of that aesthetic, which combines all of the influences that have made Hamid who she is today and allows for pieces like these biker shorts and their matching bralette to be virtually limitless.


In 2019, after advocating for pay equity in women’s sports, U.S. Soccer star Christen Press co-founded RE-INC, a movement so revolutionary that we can’t quite apply a single name or description for it. On one hand, RE–INC is part retail lifestyle brand, part gender-identity inclusive, body positive apparel line. But the part that makes this brand so exciting is the membership community that has emerged alongside it. For a nominal annual or monthly fee, RE-INC gives would-be changemakers access to the resources and teammates who will help them reimagine and execute creative solutions to real world problems.

Stuzo Clothing

From graphic tees emblazoned with declarations like “Yup, Still Gay,” and “Live Your Truth” on the tamer end of the spectrum; to hats, mugs and other accessories, Stuzo Clothing seems very clear about the target audience it is servicing. Born out of owner Stoney Love’s desire to evoke thought and emotion, Stuzo has intentionally evolved to become a space in fashion where all are welcome without judgment. By default, the brand has also fostered a space where everyone is celebrated, regardless of the shape or form they choose to exist in. And sure, some of the messaging may shock or offend. But it might also simply start a good conversation that might sway more “traditional” viewpoints.

Lukafit Activewear

The evolution of Lukafit Activewear, a community-centered activewear line, is the stuff great television and movies are made of. It started when founder Mbali Z. Ndlovu and a group of girlfriends became the type of gym accountability partners that ACTUALLY hold each other accountable – not only checking in, but offering support wherever it was needed. As that group grew to become a community that spanned multiple states, Mbali recognized that these women shared two common threads: the less-than-welcoming nature of fitness culture; and workout clothes that fit OUR bodies correctly. And so she created a line of “squat proof” leggings, built to allow us to practice self-care without the added pressure of self-consciousness.


Samii Ryan shines as an influential small business that captures the very essence of individuality, creativity, and empowerment. Founded by the visionary Samii Ryan herself, the brand has made waves and fostered a dedicated following ever since its inception.

But hold up, Samii Ryan isn’t just about fashion. It’s a lifestyle brand that goes beyond the surface, promoting community and inclusivity like no other. It’s all about inspiring and uplifting others, encouraging them to chase their passions, go after their dreams, and live their absolute best, and often most comfortable lives. And let’s not forget, Samii Ryan’s influence isn’t limited to clothing and accessories. Nah, it extends far and wide, thanks to an ever-growing social media community.

Vintage Souls

Whether your Saturday morning routine consists of running errands, heading to the farmers market, brunch with the girls, or all of the above, Vintage Souls by Danielle Brown will have you ready for either. This line is geared toward women on-the-go and features cozy, comfy, casual pieces like elevated flared sweats, french terry two-piece sets and day-to-night dresses. Think: high-end aesthetic meets the ease of your most lived-in loungewear. The collection features figure-flattering cuts that compliment anyone’s shape, plus specialty washes and novelty dye processes to give pieces a beautiful, soft worn-in hand feel. We’re loving the Sheena Mini Dress in LA Sunset, the Monaco Set (in any color), and the Resort Skirt with a cute paperbag waist.

COOL Creative

The “COOL” in COOL Creative stands for “Create Out Of Love,” and it shows. Founder Johanne Wilson’s love for the culture is all through this collection. Wilson has infused bold and empowering messaging and artwork in her thoughtfully-designed line that pays homage to Black Excellence in several spaces. The line includes a full range of varsity jackets, leather jackets, iconic sweatshirts, tees and accessories. Set it off this homecoming and all throughout the fall with one of their undeniably dope leather jackets like this classic style with patches featuring Black icons. Did we mention the patches are totally customizable? COOL Creative is giving a nod to some of the greatests, and we’re here for it.