The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to put our gift giving plans into action for the important people in our lives. Whether it’s family, friends, coworkers or just people you want to bring a little yuletide cheer to, picking out the perfect thoughtful gift can be a daunting task. But when it comes to the men who bring us joy throughout the year, it can be even harder to find something truly suitable that doesn’t feel run of the mill. Men have become more outspoken about the ways in which their gifts seem to be afterthoughts on holidays; therefore, we want to help you show a little extra love to the fellas this season. We’ve compiled a list of cool things that will make perfect gifts for all the men on your list. 

For the guy who’s into grooming…

Try the Bevel Ready Kit. Bevel has become one of the leading brand’s for Black men’s grooming needs and this gift is basically a must-have for a quick stocking stuffer that will deliver well into the new year. It’s a complete kit with body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion all inside. Every man needs to have some essentials on deck—it’s time to force him to throw out that little piece of soap he’s been using, sis. 

This Scotch Porter set can also get the job done. For those ladies whose men are rocking beards, you’re definitely going to love the products Scotch Porter has to offer in their beard collection. You can treat your special man to a number of products for his skin, face and hair while ensuring that every time you’re with him, you get a good whip of some essential oils and fragrances. 

Oui The People has a great line of things for the man who may need a little extra love for his body and care for razor sensitivity. If your guy uses razors for a close shave and struggles with ingrown hairs as a result, the PHA Ingrown Toner could be a great gift for him alongside one of Oui The People’s award winning razors and their Get-Soft bath soak. 

For the guy who’s into hosting…

Uncle Nearest Whiskey is a great option for anyone on your list who loves to have the guys over for a good old fashioned. The brand is 100 proof and Black-owned with a remarkable story that your special guy can share with anyone he pours a glass for. Or, if he’s really into building his whiskey collection, you can grab both the premium bottle as well as the small batch in a bundle. 

The Po’Up Card game is definitely a cute gift for the guy who loves to have friends over for a good time. Each deck features 100 nostalgia-filled questions and nine unique categories like, “BLK School Pride,” “College Broke,” and “Just Sang” and for the holidays you can grab a deck wrapped in Black-owned wrapping paper. Seems like a guaranteed way to keep a party going!

For any of the classic men out there who love to entertain by way of music, sowing into his record collection could be a great way to bring him some holiday cheer. Many record stores will ship to clients and a lot of them will also find a record for you if they do not have it in store. Music always makes a good gift and since vinyls seem to be here to stay, buying a rare or antique record can be a great way to give a gift that is also an asset. 

For the guy who likes to chef it up…

Spring for a recurring gift like the monthly subscription box from The Spice Suite. The boxes are curated and feature some of the brand’s most popular sauces, teas and seasonings. You can also grab the spice book for ideas and recipes to make. The brand also carries kitchenware that could really spruce up a kitchen and dining space in a gender neutral way. 

The AfroVegan cookbook has become a favorite for many Black people looking to transition to healthier eating options without losing any of the soul our food is known for. If the man in your life is looking to jump into his vegan/vegetarian bag, this could make a perfect addition to his kitchen. 

Does the man in your life love to tailgate? Is he known for going off on road trips and getting it popping on the grill? If so, the Hero grill may be a great gift for him. It’s a compact and easy grill that comes with a prepackaged set of coals that only need a lighter to get the party started. The grilling set comes with a built in food thermometer and the cleanup is simple as the coal package can simply be tossed after use. 

Hopefully, these ideas get your wheels turning for the man in your life!