Being genuinely happy for others can be challenging when you feel like nothing is going your way. We continually compare our lives and accomplishments to those we see on social media, especially those in similar career fields. Mastering the art of being happy for others can be easy once you understand that we all have different routes to success. What works for them may not work for you and it might even take you longer to succeed. However, that’s the beauty of being yourself and taking on life’s challenges.

We all go through things in life that we can’t control. 

Sometimes these events hinder our success and disable us to move at the pace we’d like to. Some people can fight harder against these problems; therefore, they reach their goals quicker. Then, there are people who simply have it easy. They have generational wealth, connections, and more that enable them to reach their success faster than the regular person. No matter the circumstances, we must learn to be happy for others. It’s not about potentially receiving a blessing after you do, it’s about the energy you’re putting out into the world. Being jealous of other people’s accomplishments is draining.

That weight of comparison takes a toll on both your mental and emotional health. 

It opens the door to many types of personal conflicts. You start to create false narratives and suddenly there are a plethora of things you don’t like about yourself. You’re watching the success of others and digging yourself into a hole of depression. Then when you’re depressed, the last thing you feel like doing is working towards a goal because you have no energy. Your original purpose has weakened. However, if you’re happy for other people’s accomplishments, it sends a message out into the universe and if you continue to work hard, your time will come.There’s no doubt that there’s enough room for everyone to succeed in all the different types of industries. 

We all think differently.

We all have different creative processes. If there can be hundreds of billionaires, there can be millions of people in the same industry succeeding. So, the next time you see someone’s success, clap for them.

You’ll see each other at the top.

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