Looking to manifest even deeper? Lovingly designed affirmation deck cards might be all that you need to get started. Having a healthy sense of positive affirmations to help you better envision your goals is the not-so-secret, secret to success, it seems.

In a society where Black women have had to be responsible for creating and guarding so much of their peace, affirmation cards just make sense. Black women can always use some positive affirmation and sweet words sprinkled throughout their day (we wouldn’t complain). Here are some of the best to add to cart in time for your next manifestation session:

Best Affirmation deck cards to manifest your dreams

The ‘Less Anxiety’ affirmation cards offer 45 beautifully illustrated cards that minimize anxiety and stress. This gorgeous deck is all about focusing on what truly matters in your life. To use these cards, pick one, read it out loud and reflect on the message. It may even help to repeat the message out loud several times as a mantra.

These positive affirmation cards come with a stand so you can honor and remember the words as you walk past them. Yes, please! They are specifically geared to women and will give you a daily dose of uplifting inspirational quotes. Heading out? These cards are easy to compact and easy to carry so bring them along with you.

This joyful deck is full of affirmation cards to go along with your yoga practice. These cards invite further meditations on self-worth and inner joy. They feature original illustrations and are packaged in a keepsake box. Try using these cards daily to boost your spirits.

This deck is a minimalists dream. Not only do these affirmation cards keep it real and keep you grounded, they’ll also help you destress with a modern aesthetic. Start your day happier and more productive. These are also a great gift for that person in your life who seems to have everything. They’re the gift of peace!

How to use affirmation cards:

Promote mindfulness in all areas of your life

Being present and actively taking control of your mindfulness practice will hugely benefit you in the long run. Affirmation cards were invented to bring you into the present moment and help you be your best, most mindful self. Meditating on a card’s message may bring you into gratitude, joy or remind you of a simple truth that you want to live by, everyday.

Carry them with you everywhere you go

Keeping your affirmation card deck in your bag or vehicle is a great way to ensure that you always have the ability to tap into some manifestation when you need it. There is something about having the cards near to prepare for any low or anxious feelings that really could change your mood.

Pull a card daily or weekly

Whether it is part of your morning or your evening routine, there is always time to tap into some words of affirmation. Pulling a card in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day or week. Equally, an evening card from the deck allows you to wind-down with greater ease.

A thoughtful gift

Gift affirmation cards to anyone whose love language is words of affirmation. A card deck full of encouraging words will make them feel seen and appreciated.

Reinforce positive self-talk

Many use affirmation cards as a way to lean further into positive self-talk. While it is easy to internalize negative or unhelpful self-talk, these cards can reverse that habit. Consider it a chance to invest in what feels good to the new version of you, who speaks kindly to yourself.

Be your most confident self

Possibly one of the best ways to gain confidence is to speak with conviction and believe it. Affirming life out of your dreams isn’t easy work. It takes a lot of courage, practice, and self-love. Loving yourself to the extent that you speak about all things – even those that may not yet be true or easy to accept – with great confidence, is a real skill. Not only will this help your spiritual practice, but it will also give you confidence at work, in relationships, and beyond. Choosing to exist as your most confident self is one of the key reasons to own an affirmation card deck in 2023.

Ready to speak positivity into your life with a fresh deck of affirmations?

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