I’ve always been the type of woman who embraced her sexuality. Many women feel that it’s not lady like to showcase the side that “belongs in the bedroom” but where’s the fun in that? There was a time in my life however, where I didn’t feel my sexiest. I was in a relationship for a long time and everything felt routine and mundane, including the way I felt he viewed me sexually. I could have just been in my own head but I needed to find a way out.

Years prior to the relationship, I used to bartend at a hole-in-the-wall strip club when I graduated from college. There I learned a few pole tricks when it was a slow day and I have never felt more sexier. I felt powerful and strong with a splash of uncontrollably desirable. I never danced in front of an audience (although I probably would’ve made much more money than the little tips I got for serving drinks) but even the dancers who taught me the tricks, giving me praise and applause was enough for me to fall in love with the sport.

When I left the club, I left pole dancing altogether. It wasn’t until 2019 when I went to see Summer Walker perform at the Camp Flog Gnaw Festival in LA that I was reminded how beautiful the art of pole dancing was. There, I got to see two pole dancers I followed on Instagram but for some reason didn’t show up on my timeline (I blame the crappy algorithm) dance during Summer’s set. These pole dancers sparked a fire in me that I forgot I had for some time.

Sammy Picone


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Sammy is a curly hair pole queen hailing from NYC. I personally love her because of what I consider as her “contemporary pole” style. She never does too much but also does SO much! Her moves are sultry, smooth and still serves up a hot plate of vixen!


AnnaKia holds a special place in my heart. She is such a bad ass when she dances. She breaks the norms of typical pole dancing. She’s edgy and rough but also still sensual and sexy with her moves. I consider her to be a pole rockstar!

These two pole goddesses come from a myriad of pole dancers who inspire so many women across social media. They for sure have inspired me and unknowingly pushed me to go to pole classes consistently. Not only do the classes increase my strength but I learn much more about my body that I never have before! Check out more of their work on that tour.

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