Wearing a dozen layers of clothing in the winter isn’t ideal. While that feels warm at first, the moment you get indoors, it’s a race to remove as many layers as you can before overheating. That’s why thin warm clothes exist.

Thin warm clothes let you move around without restriction while keeping you toasty. Most thin warm clothes feature temperature regulating technology that stops you from overheating. 

How to Dress in the Winter With Thin Warm Clothes

With thin warm clothes, it’s best to start with less pieces and add more as you see fit. If you go outside in a full outfit of thin warm clothes, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up overheating the moment you leave your door. Each garment is trying to keep you warm at the same time. It’s best to start by wearing thin warm clothes on a part of your body that usually gets cold fast and add more from there.  

Best Jacket

Uniqlo’s PUFFTECH Quilted Jacket

Photo Courtesy of Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s PUFFTECH Quilted Jacket is a lightweight water-repellent flexible topper to your outfit. In sub-zero weather, you can layer it under your larger puffer for added warmth. It also easily rolls into a tote bag. While it is a thin coat, it’s incredibly warm. This sleek quilted coat features a nylon filling that is securely stitched in each diamond for an even distribution of heat.

Best Leggings

Athleta Altitude Stash High Rise Polartec Power Stretch Tight

Athleta’s Altitude Stash High Rise Polartec Power Stretch Tight features two of the brand’s signature technologies that keep you warm and mobile. The first technology is called Power Stretch. It is an all-around stretch fabric that lets you move and bend in colder weather. The other technology is Polartec. It’s a fleece lining that covers the entire inside of the leggings for a soft and cozy feel. While it keeps your legs warm, it also wicks away sweat, so that you truly feel comfortable all day long. 

Additional features include an adjustable hidden drawcord in the waistband, a back zip pocket, and two phone-friendly side pockets.

Best Shirt

Uniqlo HEATTECH Ultra Warm Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Uniqlo’s HEATTECH Ultra Warm Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is an essential thin warm piece of clothing. By just looking at it, this crew neck looks like an average t-shirt. Beneath the surface, there’s the brand’s signature heattech ultra warm lining.

The ultra warm line is 2.25 times warmer than the regular Uniqlo heattech line. It’s a stretchy moisture-wicking lining that absorbs and retains heat. The more you move in it, the warmer you’ll feel.

Best Socks

Uniqlo HEATTECH Cable Knee-High Socks

If you always have actual cold feet, reach for Uniqlo’s HEATTECH Cable Knee-High Socks. They are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly warm. These socks feature Uniqlo’s heattech technology that absorbs heat while controlling any potential odors. Shop your favorite of two colors in a universal size.

Best Sweatshirt

Athleta Altitude Polartec Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

Athleta’s Altitude Polartec Funnel Neck Sweatshirt is a warm layer to wear alone or layered with other thin warm clothes. It features Athleta’s temperature regulating Polartec technology that has ample stretch. There are thumb holes to keep the majority of your hands warm along with a scarf-replacing funnel neck. There also are two zip pockets on the front for your essentials.  

Best Tank

Uniqlo HEATTECH Sleeveless Bra Top

Uniqlo’s HEATTECH Sleeveless Bra Top is a tank that keeps your entire torso toasty. This tank features the brand’s heat-retaining heattech technology with silk for a smooth brushed feel. The silhouette of this top is that of a classic wide strap V-neck tank. However, there’s a built-in bra underneath for less bulk.

Best Tights

A New Day Flat Knit Fleece Lined Tights

A New Day’s Flat Knit Fleece Lined Tights are soft, stretchy, opaque and warm. The closed toe high-waisted tights are smooth to the touch. Underneath your skin will come in contact with plush fleece so that you can wear your dresses and skirts without turning your legs into popsicles.

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