"Your hair is better than mine. Mine is ugly. Soy negra (I'm black), soy fea (I'm ugly)," Valeria's beautiful, Black Dominican aunt said as she combed her hair at 12 years old. Moments like these inspired the creation of Shine In All Shades Coloring Book.

Valeria Rodriguez is a digital artist taking her place in HERstory. Creating through depression, she challenged herself to produce an adult coloring book, Shine In All Shades, to address the issue of colorism through positive affirmations and quotes famously said by women of color. Throughout the book, pages are filled with amazing illustrations that shine a light on the full spectrum of Brown and Black women. 

This creative wellness tool and it's transformative workshops remind us that wellness begins with how we speak, treat, and celebrate ourselves!

Video: Valeria Rodriguez x Shine In All Shades

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Note: Shine In All Shades Coloring Book is a creative wellness tool not intended to replace professional counseling or therapy.

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